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Star Dream Glass Dildo

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 15 Oct 2009

Star Dream looks like a standard, pretty glass dildo, but this gorgeous toy holds a secret. Want to know what it is? Read on!

“You have to put this inside me,” I told my partner one Saturday night as he made to move between my legs.

“Which side do you want?” he asked, and it was only then that I realized that the toy’s ends were not identically shaped. While the colored end is spherical, the clear end is slightly pointed.

“I’ll take the clear one,” I said. He held the ball in the palm of his hand and placed the toy’s shaft between his second and third finger as if it were a extra digit. He then dove between my legs where for the next bit of time (I have no idea how long) he licked me while thrusting Star Dream into me with gusto.

I used to think that curved toys were better for intense g-spot stimulation, but now I’m not entirely sure that’s correct. Alone, a curved item can certainly help one reach her own g-spot, but with a partner? I now am of the opinion that straight is better. A straight shaft allows the partner wielding the toy more control of angle and direction, I think, and I really enjoyed how the straight shaft of Star Dream felt in me.

As time passes I’m also finding myself more enamored of bumpy toys, at least bumpy toys used in the vagina. Star Dream’s shaft is covered with smooth bumps; the combined stimulation of lips and toy made me insensible of any bumpiness when with my partner, but when I was alone it was a different story. I went slower by myself and eschewed thrusting, instead choosing to allow Star Dream gently to slide out of me in its own time. Bumps sliding gently out of a pulsing pussy? Fabulous. I highly recommend it.

Anal play should be fine with this toy as long as you don’t get too carried away. Start with the tapered end and don’t insert it beyond the toy’s bumpy shaft. Consider using a condom over it for easier clean-up, but it’s really no problem if you forget. Glass toys can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and hot water and will be as good as new when you’re done.

And the secret alluded to at the beginning of this review? I didn’t notice until the second time I washed the toy that its clear end features a sparkly swirl of dichroic glass. It looks like a miniature galaxy has been caught in the glass.

Functionality and beauty all wrapped up in one pretty piece.

Star Dream Glass Dildo
Available at RubyGlass21
Pink, Purple or Cobalt Blue
7" x 1.25"

Liberator Zeppelin

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 1 Oct 2009

At a certain point in a sexual relationship the idea takes hold that getting busy outside the confines of a bed would be most righteously rad.

Thus begins what I like to call The Exploratory Phase, wherein partners traipse through the house fucking like sexed-up weasels on or against every available surface: kitchen counter, dining room table, banister, hassock, car fender, washing machine and ironing board. There’s only one tiny problem with this, a problem which eventually sends most of us back to bed for our sexual exploits. It is this:

The ironing board is not very comfortable.

Nor is it stable, and if there is anything worse that dull sex it is sex so dangerous that it threatens to force you into the emergency room before you’re done. What we need is some sturdy yet tantalizingly different playtime surfaces, and that is where Liberator comes in. These ingenious Atlanta-based elves have created an entire line of sexy shapes upon which to recline, prop, position and love. Without hesitation I can say that I’ve loved every Liberator product I’ve tried thus far, and the Zeppelin is no exception.

However, you’ve got to have some dedication to bring Zeppelin into your life. This product is very large and quite heavy. You will not be able to store it away once you’re done with it, unless you happen to live in a palace. Before you order, MEASURE. Make sure that you have a place in your house for a six (or seven, or eight) foot in diameter object. I found that a corner is the best home for Zeppelin, but if you have a basement game room or a media room for movie-watching, that might work too.

Next, be prepared to do some heavy lifting when Zeppelin arrives. You must assemble the product where you intend for it to live, so have help at hand to carry the several boxes in which it ships to its final resting place. Leave yourself plenty of time to assemble everything and a few days for the foam, which ships under pressure, to return back to its original size. (I wrote much more about the set-up process here: Liberator Zeppelin, I Love You Even Though I Now Have Foam in Places No One Should Ever Have Foam.)

By the way, there’s a video on the site of a naked woman assembling Zeppelin. She makes the whole process look dead simple. For me it most certainly wasn’t; however, I was not naked. Perhaps if I’d been naked it would have been easier?

After giving my Zeppelin a week or so to get its bearings, I invited a pal over to help me test it out. We cuddled; it performed admirably. We kissed; it continued to do well. We made out; the streak was not broken. He went down on me; yup, Zeppelin rocked. And then he urged me up on my hands and knees for some doggie-style fun.

Now I can’t say that Zeppelin failed at supporting us in this activity, exactly, but it did not particularly help either. My partner and I are active in the sack. We move. We like cervix-pounding headboard-shaking neighbors-calling-the-cops kind of sex, and honestly? Zeppelin did not give either of us enough purchase for that.

But an unexpectedly nice thing happened. Zeppelin ended up slowing us down from our usual meerkat-in-heat pace. Unable to slam or bang, we engaged in something far more sensual. It was lovely. And when things came to a stop we were snuggled down into Zeppelin’s cushiness so comfortably that we could have gone to sleep. Except that I still wanted him to fist me.

Speaking of fisting, keep in mind that Zeppelin’s cover zips off easily for washing. I’ve not yet washed it, but I have cleaned the covers of my other Liberator products repeatedly and they come out of the dryer in wonderful condition every time. Toss down a towel if you’d like, but do not worry about besmirching the cover of any Liberator item.

While slow, sensual sex on the Zeppelin is right nice, reading (or just staring out the window) is the bomb. If you love to read (or just stare out the window), you will love how cuddly and supportive Zeppelin is. You can quite literally put yourself into any position and Zeppelin will cradle you there comfortably. It’s awesome.

My only real complaint about Zeppelin is that mine’s not quite as full as I expected from what you see in Liberator’s photos and videos. I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing if I could order another brick of foam in order to pump it up more.

Choose Zeppelin if you want a surface for slow, sexy lovemaking or an absolutely awesome place for relaxation.

Liberator Zeppelin
Sizes range from 6'x2' to 8'x3'
Prices range from $328 to $480

Earth Angel Vibrator from Babeland

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 6 Aug 2009

Want to jack off with less of an environmental impact?  Take a look at Babeland’s Earth Angel, which the manufacturer calls the world first 100% green sex toy.  It’s also made in Ireland; in fact it is the only sex toy currently produced in that lovely country.

What exactly makes Earth Angel environmentally friendly?  First, it comes in a plastic box made of recyclable material.  The toy itself requires no batteries and can be recycled when the time is right by simply sending it back to the manufacturer.  Doing so also nets the owner a 15% discount on a future purchase.

I had my doubts about a vibrator with no batteries.  But like everyone, I’ve felt the keening disappointment of a wank ended far too soon by dead or dying batteries.  Even rechargeable vibes eventually run down, and charging them up again can take hours.  I hoped that Earth Angel would loose me from battery-driven dependence forever.

I’m so happy to report that Earth Angel performed remarkably well.  My partner and I took it to bed fresh out of the box.  The toy needs to be cranked for only four minutes to produce a 30-minute buzz, or eight minutes for a full hour’s worth of pleasure.  He cranked while I waited impatiently.  Too impatiently.  Finally I asked him to put the toy in me while cranking it, and with only a few minor setbacks we finished charging the toy in this delightful manner.

A red light glows to show that charging is going as planned.  Don’t worry about turning the crank in the wrong direction — it only goes one way.  When it’s charged up (or when your arm grows tired, or when your horniness becomes unbearable), just snap the crank back into the base of the toy and hit the on/off toggle button.  Cycle through four increasingly intense speeds with the left button; reduce intensity with the right button.

While the lowest speed produces a low thrum, the highest gives a quite powerful sensation, comparable to that of any standard slim-line vibrator.  It was more than enough power to get me off, a lot, and the hard plastic casing made it effective as a thrusting toy as well.

I’d meant to track the time while we were in bed together, but somehow — somehow! — my attention was distracted.  I’d estimate that it buzzed at least 30 minutes on our first tentative crankings.  Later, when I was by myself, I cranked it up in a more consistent and energetic fashion.  It buzzed away merrily at top speed for a full hour.

This is amazing power for not a lot of work on the user’s part.  And if you need vibrations for longer than an hour, just take a break (who couldn’t use a break after an hour of masturbation?) and crank some more.  You don’t even have to get out of bed.

If you’re ever too lazy to crank, plug in your own USB charger to the Earth Angel.  I don’t currently have a USB charger so I could not test out this aspect of the toy.

The only problem with Earth Angel is that it’s not particularly stylish.  Minimalist, yes, but stylish, not so much.  Perhaps future incarnations will come in different colors (shiny black would be nice) or shapes.  I think a curved g-spot model would be perfect, or maybe another with a flat tip for broader clit stimulation.  Perhaps they’d even consider making a set of interchangeable tips which would fit over the original Earth Angel?

Earth Angel is highly recommended for anyone concerned about greening up their sexual practices.  It would also be great for those who camp, hike, live off the grid, experience frequent power outages or who, like me, can never manage to keep fresh batteries in the house.

Earth Angel Vibrator from Babeland
Available at Babeland
7" x 1 1/3"


reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 30 Jul 2009

It was one of those insanely hot weeks where despite the constant running of the air conditioner I was never really free from sweat.  Temperatures hit the upper 90s and humidity pushed the heat index well over 100.  It was during this time that I broke out my vibrating ice dildo from Icegasm.

It had sat in my freezer for a few weeks just waiting for the right moment.  I couldn’t bear the thought of having it near my naughty bits on anything but the very hottest of days.  But when finally the time was right, I gathered the components while my partner watched on.  “What are you going to do with that?” he asked nervously as I pulled the ice tray from the freezer.

“I’m going to put it in your ass.”  I ran warm water over the tray in an effort to dislodge the slender cubes.

“You most certainly are not!” he said, at the same time working a battery into the end of the vibrating handle.  He knew I was only kidding him — I think.  Or maybe he just knew that he could overpower me if I actually tried to put ice down his pants.

I had quite a bit of trouble freeing the ice from its tray; despite my best efforts with water and gentle coercion, two of the icicles broke off in the mold.  The other two finally came free.  A protruding screw allowed the ice to be married to the handle, which is actually a modified water-resistant pocket rocket.  Once activated, the whole contraption buzzed very gently.

We retired to the bedroom and placed the Icegasm on the bedside table. I’d intended to try it out right away but my partner had other ideas.  The toy melted silently (and surprisingly slowly) for a good hour while he warmed me up.  After a particularly inspiring round of buttsex he rolled me over, pried open my legs and applied the chilly treat to my pussy.

I can honestly say that the first second of frigid buzzing was exquisite.  The contrast between hot and cold felt amazing.  I’m pretty sure I screamed a little, in the very best of ways.  But after that first second the chill became unbearable.  I had to clap my legs together in an effort to bring my poor vulva’s temperature back to tolerable levels.

So this is what we did over the next several minutes:  One-second touches preceded twenty-second periods where I couldn’t bear to be touched.  Eventually it all got to be too much.  No amount of leg-clenching warmed me up and I had to call an end to our icy little experiment, at least to the part occurring between my legs.

On the body in general I had a lot more tolerance for cold, so not all was an utter failure.  However, I didn’t see much purpose for vibrating my arm (for example). Even on my clit I barely felt the vibrations because I was so focused on not getting frostbite.

When the ice melts, you’ll find there’s not as much mess as you might expect.  A washcloth sufficed to catch drips while the toy waited for us and a towel beneath my bottom kept the bed dry during use.  If you’re really concerned about leakage, keep Icegasm in a plastic cup before use, or try it out in the shower or bath-tub.  Come to think of it, this approach might make the cold a little more tolerable.

After playtime, wash the mold and caps in warm soapy water.  Use the mold to organize the components for later use; a convenient hole in the middle stores the vibrating handle.

I’d suggest Icegasm only for folks who really enjoy and can tolerate the exquisite torture of chilly genitals.  For everyone else, a plain old ice cube will be more than sufficient.

Available at
Includes ice mold with caps and vibrating handle

Radiance Vibe from Babeland

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 23 Jul 2009

I was fully prepared to hate the Radiance Vibe from Babeland.  Sure it’s beautiful, but I could summon only the most moderate of expectations from any toy made by Doc Johnson.

It arrived in a clear plastic box with nary a single picture of a bikini-clad lady.  This is such a plus in my book.  I could live my entire life without seeing another bikini-clad lady on a vibrator box.  You’ll find that Radiance is completely waterproof thanks to a rubbery seal at the battery end as well as fully sealed power buttons.

Inserting the batteries was just a tiny bit fumbly and only because the cap is quite small and has such a sloping shape.  Nevertheless, the cap screwed firmly back on and could then be forgotten until it was time for a new set of batteries.

I really like Radiance’s buttons because they are dead simple to use.  The top button cycles through four increasingly powerful speeds of vibration.  No fancy patterns here, just stronger and stronger buzzing.  Need a little less power?  Push the bottom button.  Keep pushing it and the toy turns off.  Toys don’t come much simpler than this, and to my mind this is a very good thing.  No one wants to have to take a training course before using a new vibe.

The pair of AAA batteries required by Radiance power a surprisingly powerful motor.  Even better, vibrations are concentrated in the toy’s tip.  This is fabulous for really intense stimulation of the clit or g-spot.  Like things a bit less intense?  The toy’s shaft features much more gentle vibration, and it’s super-slippery-smooth.  Don’t worry about running the buttons up against your…er…button.  It just won’t be a problem.

Radiance’s shape makes g-spot stimulation a real pleasure. The curve positions the intensely buzzing tip in just the right spot without any stress or strain on the wrist. Using the toy this way made me gush quite a lot, during which I said a silent thank-you to whoever designed the waterproof aspects of this toy.

One might be tempted to take advantage of the lovely shape, smoothness and power in the ass, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Radiance lacks a protective flange and could therefore slip all the way inside.  Choose a more appropriate toy for backdoor play.

I am almost ridiculously impressed with the beauty and functionality of Radiance.  This affordable toy should give its lucky owner lots of pleasure.

Radiance Vibe from Babeland
Available at Babeland
7" x 1.5"

Athena Glass Dildo from Babeland

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 16 Jul 2009

“Oh look, it’s ready for bed,” pointed out my partner after I shoved my brand-new, unopened Athena Glass Dildo from Babeland across the table to him.  I peered over to see what he was talking about.

Turns out that Athena nestles into a form-fitting piece of foam layered with a silky white drape.  Atop Athena rests a pink cloth meant for polishing the toy.  He had it tucked up around the toy’s midsection.  Taken as a whole Athena looked look like a slender blue snake put down for a nap.  Or tucked away in a coffin.  Er, let’s stick with the napping idea, shall we?

Out of the box you’ll notice Athena’s rich blue color (Babeland shows it only in pink at the moment) accented by a swirly white “L” on the toy’s larger end.  The piece is elegant, simple and gorgeous, with looks nondescript enough that it could be displayed as an art piece.

It’s also enormously functional.  The small end is a good size for an anal novice, and super-slippery glass means easy entry for anyone.  Athena’s boomerang-like curve allows the toy to be angled quite well during self-stimulation or with a partner.  Lots of other glass toys feature ripples, swirls and nubbins; Athena’s simplicity is a nice contrast to other busier products.

The manufacturer, Luxotiq, recommends washing this lovely glass dildo in warm water with antibacterial soap, or rinsing with a 10% bleach solution if sterilization is required.  They advise against cleaning the toy in a dishwasher.

Buy Athena if you like low-key, classic design in your sex toys.  And make sure to tuck it back into bed after every use.

Athena Glass Dildo from Babeland
Available at
9" x 1 1/4"

Madame Giggles’ Killer Bunny Flogger

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 14 Jul 2009

Of all the sexy products I’ve ever owned, the Killer Bunny Flogger made by Madame Giggles has been my cats’ favorite.

From the moment I pulled it from the box they were all over it, sniffing, pawing and nomming.  I slid off the sock-like fabric cover, allowing the bunny falls to come free, and oh wow weren’t my kitties happy.  I could not turn their interest, so I placed the flogger on the floor so that they could safely explore.  The wrestled it enthusiastically until finally I had to take it away.

I find it amusing in a perverse sort of way that the kitties love something that looks so much like their own bodies.  Is it evident from the image above?  Instead of bunny fur, these floggers could be mistaken for disembodied cat tails.  This is cool and somewhat creepy all at once.

Madame Giggles set out to make a bunny flogger different from all the other bunny floggers on the market.  Those are almost exclusively capable only of sensual stroking and teasing tickling.  The Killer Bunny can do these things and much more. Working with long strips of fur, Madame Giggles hand-stitches a close-ended tube then weights each individually.  Handles are made of wood with a braided leather cover.

The heaviness of the flogger means that it can pack a really strong wallop, if you’re strong enough to wield it for long. It is without a doubt the heaviest flogger I’ve ever held and it will tire out the arm during use.  If it’s any indication, the weight of the flogger broke the slender hanging ribbon that comes looped around the handle after one short week of storage time.  It’s easily repaired, but consider yourself warned:  This is one heavy toy.  Nevertheless, it feels great on the skin.  I enjoyed it for the softest touches and the hardest hits.  I’d describe the sensation as surprisingly thuddy, with a hint of a sting if the tails catch just right.

Killer Bunnies can be ordered in single-tail or nine-tail configurations with lengths ranging from 12″ to 32″.  Madame Giggles designs these to order, so be imaginative when selecting fur color, leather color and length.

Choose Madame Giggles’ Killery Bunny if you want an absolutely unique flogger capable of strong sensation and gentle strokes for your favorite bottoms as well as hours of amusement for your feline friends.

Madame Giggles’ Killer Bunny Flogger
Available from Madame Giggles' Whack Shack
Prices range from $150 to $260 depending on length and number of tails

Hornet Glass Dildo from

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 6 Jul 2009

A big part of the charm glass dildos hold for me is the fact that they are generally gorgeous.  The crystalline glass, shimmering colors, swirls, exquisitely formed curves — all of these things make the sometimes hefty price tag on these sex toys worth it.

I’m sorry to say that the Hornet (available from and manufactured by misses the mark as far as beauty is concerned.  I mean, I understand the look they were aiming for here.  Yellow and black like the nasty stinging insect, right?  But the yellow looks too much like watered-down tea for my taste, and the black seems matte instead of shiny.  Together the combination is less than appetizing.  Many glass dildos look utterly lickable, like a combination of jewelry and frozen adult beverage.  You just want to put them in your mouth.  The Hornet?  I wanted to wash it.  Repeatedly.

Also, I had a real problem with the Hornet’s base.  I’m not sure why bucked the trend of putting disk-shaped bases on standing glass toys.  Instead, Hornet’s base is asymmetrical:  The side toward the curve juts out while the side opposite the curve is nearly non-existent.  Was this meant to make it look unique?  I suppose it does, but it also makes it mighty unstable.  Putting it back on the nightstand with shaky hands after use turned into a hazardous event.

Nevertheless, Hornet’s overall shape is very nice.  The curve allows the user great access to the g-spot, while the otherwise faulty base offers a good handhold and protection against the toy slipping all the way inside if it’s used in the bottom.  The swirls of black glass feel great entering and exiting (and entering and exiting again and again and again).

And like other glass products, Hornet is super-easy to clean.  Hot soapy water will do the trick for your standard every-day cleaning, while a trip through the dishwasher (top shelf, no detergent) will disinfect the toy if you plan on sharing it with another partner.

While I don’t find the Hornet particularly attractive, others certainly might.  In the words of the brilliant Benjamin Franklin, “Iin the dark all Cats are grey.”

Hornet Glass Dildo from
Available at
7" x 1"

Tunti Illuminated Boudoir Toybox

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 28 Jun 2009

When you’re in the middle of a sexy scene the last thing you want to do is fumble for the lights in order to find your favorite vibe, cockring or condom.  Tunti Enterprises has the solution:  a toy box which lights up when the lid is lifted, allowing the user a clear view of its contents.

This is an awesome idea.

The Toybox ships with a pink plastic cover which keeps items in the mesh pocket separate from those in the lower case.  A tiny box discreetly covered with purple lining hides the battery compartment — can you see it in the picture?  Beneath the thin blue vibrator?  A ribbon allows the cover to be lifted when it’s time to change the batteries.  A pair of tiny keys for the case’s locks are also included.

Two rabbit-type vibes and a couple dildos can fit in the lower portion of the case, which is divided into three main sections.  An adjustable divider lets you reapportion space in one of the sections, which is nice if you have smaller toys that shouldn’t touch each other — perhaps a pair of jelly cockrings or some potentially noisy metal toys.

The lid of the case will hold three or four smaller bottles of lube or massage lotion and condoms; also tuck in your favorite piece of erotic underthings.  Here’s where the pink plastic cover is really useful.  With the cover in place, your toys will be protected from minor lube spills.

In the image above four blue dots are visible along the case’s upper edge.  These are the lights which give useful illumination at the most necessary moments.  You’ll never have to fumble in the dark for a condom again.

I love the Tunti case best for times when I travel with my toys.  I appreciate not having to worry about the case opening unexpectedly; I also like how nondescript it looks.  Anyone seeing the Tunti would imagine that it contains important documents or possibly the tools of espionage instead of sex toys.  Not that there’s anything wrong with toting around one’s sex toys.  In fact I’d feel equally mysterious transporting dildos or spy gear.

If you have a large collection of toys the Tunti Toybox won’t hold all of them.  It will, however, give secure and convenient access to your most valued treasures.

Tunti Illuminated Boudoir Toybox
Available at Tunti Enterprises
$89.95, PayPal accepted

The Tickler

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 23 Jun 2009

I suffer from the phenomena known as “fat fingers,” so I worried that The Tickler, made by and available at UnderBedToys, would not fit over my chunky digits. I’m happy to say that the concern was for naught; my pretty blue-nubbed Tickler slid quite readily over the second knuckle of my middle finger.

The Tickler is very pretty. At only 3″ long it’s compact and discreet, looking more like a fancy test tube than a sex toy. Leave it out and your friends might mistake it for an ultra-protective thimble, or a wee cloche.

Nine colorful dots line one side of the Tickler. Get these in pink, gold-fumed, red or blue. Since all’s pieces are hand-made, each will be slightly different. However, expect larger dots toward the base and smaller near the tip.

I tried my Tickler one night while perched on the couch watching porn. It felt excellent after I drizzled a little silicone lube on myself. I tried to keep the lube away from the toy’s base so that it wouldn’t slide off my finger too much. At this task I was only moderately successful, but I found that it didn’t much matter. The Tickler was useful whether it was fully on my finger or only on the tip. In fact I really enjoyed the extra reach it gave me with only the first knuckle of my finger inserted.

The piece is intended for external use only. In fact it comes with a warning note curled inside which explicitly warns against internal use, then goes on to say that if you really cannot bear to keep it out of your favorite orifice, only insert it 2″. I find this a bit befuddling, frankly. Don’t put it in, but if you do put it in don’t put it very far in? Sketchy.

Bravely I tempted fate by using the Tickler vaginally. I reasoned that even if it did slip from my finger, I could push it out like a glassy lost condom. There was no need to fear; the Tickler stayed put. However, it felt much better sliding over my clit than it did for thrusting. I’d avoid backdoor games with the Tickler. Rub it gently around the anus, but I’d be very hesitant to try this toy inside.

The Tickler would be great for someone who needs a small, discreet glass toy mostly for use on the clit. This is where the Tickler does its best work.

The Tickler
Available at UnderBedToys
3" x 1"