reviewed by Lippy Imp on Thu 15 Dec 2005

Until the Bubble Wand, I had never tried a glass toy. The main reason was my fear that something bad would happen and I’d be in the hospital having a med student tweeze slivers out of my ass. But after giving the Bubble Wand a whirl, I’m not only over this anxiety, but also I’m in love with ultra-smooth texture only glass can offer.

The Bubble Wand is a series of small, hand-blown spheres of solid clear glass fused together in an arc shape, and capped with a large glass ball. The wand can be used a couple of ways. Either use the large end as a G-spot stimulator, or insert the smaller beads anally. Whichever way you use it, the arc shape makes for excellent G- or P-spot contact.

Because glass is perfectly smooth, you don’t need a lot of lube to enjoy its frictionless glide in and out of you. (In fact, using less lube is a good idea, as the Bubble Wand gets pretty slippery when wet.) I was blown away by how good it felt and had one of the strongest P-spot orgasms of my life with it.

The Bubble Wand is easy enough to clean; just put it in your dishwasher when it’s time. The main thing to keep in mind when caring for the Bubble Wand (or any glass toy, for that matter) is watching out for chips, nicks, and cracks. Once the toy is damaged, it’s garbage. Don’t even try to use it again, or else you could seriously injure your most delicate areas. Fortunately, the Bubble Wand comes with a faux-velvet pouch for storage to help prevent such disasters.

At $48, it’s not exactly cheap, but considering the unique sensations that only a quality glass toy can provide, it’s well worth it. If you’ve never tried glass before, the Bubble Wand makes for the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Buy it from Babeland, Jane's favorite sextoy store