Doorjam Cuffs

reviewed by Lippy Imp on Sat 24 Dec 2005

doorjam cuffs

Notice how when you tie someone up, they’re almost always lying down? Not with the Doorjam Cuffs, they’re not. The only things you need are a door and a willing partner, and you’re on your way to some fun vertical bondage. The Doorjam Cuffs consist of a pair comfortable yet secure Velcro cuffs attached to straps. On the other end of each strap is a small bar. Just loop the straps over the top of the door with the bars on the outside and close the door. Voila! Now you can tie your partner up, literally.

In trying these out, I thought that perhaps the Velcro wouldn’t be strong enough to keep someone helpless. As soon as my partner secured me in the Doorjam Cuffs, I found out how wrong I was. I found the cuffs themselves were inescapable, but the small metal ring that attaches the cuff to the strap wasn’t as sturdy. I didn’t get out of my bonds, but I bent the hell out of the metal ring (Mind you, I was really putting these puppies through a stress test, using all my strength and weight to pull on them). The good news is that the metal ring is easy enough to replace just by using a quality key ring.

All in all, this product is a winner. The cuffs are comfortable, easy to use, and hard to escape from. Plus, you can change up your bondage routine without drilling into ceiling beams and dealing with incriminating eyehooks. The Doorjam Cuffs will damage neither your door, nor your wallet. At $26, they’re a great way to get your kinky fantasies on their feet.

Doorjam Cuffs
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