reviewed by Jane on Wed 18 Oct 2006

je joue

My last post right around my birthday was about how I hoped Elliott would get me a Je Joue. Hint taken, one showed up in the mail a couple of days later. I was all excited to try it out, given what I’d read about it. I’m very fond of buzzy toys, being a big fan of clit stimulation. Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to write a review about it ever since, but was finally prompted when I got an email from a reader I’m quite fond of. He is recently engaged and said his fiance was thinking about getting a Je Joue, but because of the steep price tag wanted a review from a reputable source first. Hmm, am I reputable? I sure hope so, we do try around here.

One thing I will say is that with sex toys, as with sex partners and various activities, mileage varies greatly from person to person. I personally, as I mentioned above, am very fond of clit stimulation. I LOVE my cheap little pocket rocket vibrators – both the waterproof and regular versions. They are probably the single most-used toys, and I burn through one every year or so. I also pretty much have a guaranteed orgasm from the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Eroscillator and the infamous bunny.

The packaging and presentation was beautiful and sophisticated. I like that, I tend to prefer my sextoys presented without a pornstar on the packaging. There is something appealing about taking a toy out of a satin-lined box as opposed to peeling it out of crinkling thin plastic molded to it’s shape. So yes, 5 stars for presentation.

The Je Joue comes pre-programmed with several different enticingly named programs. I was going to settle in and try out a bunch of them. I could tell within the first 10 minutes that this wasn’t going to be a toy that gave me an orgasm. The vibrations weren’t strong enough (and you know what I like by my examples of happy toys) but the worst part was that the little nubby heads (it has a few interchangeable heads) were all too hard and bumpy. They ended up feeling uncomfortable instead of erotic. I also definitely had to use LOTS of lube, because the toy had a way of sticking to my delicate parts otherwise and twisting a bit. Ouch! It also wasn’t a toy that could be very comfortably held between the two of us for use during intercourse, it wasn’t quite small enough.

I know lots of people are going on about how cool it is that you can design your own programs for it, or control it remotely. All I can guess is that those are Windows people – you know, they have more fun in the challenge of setting up a program than in actually using it. After two test runs, my $300 toy was put back in it’s beautiful packaging, beat out by almost every other toy I have that buzzes. Of course read the reviews over at Babeland, because lots of other people had very different opinions. :)

Size: 7-1/4" x 3"
Material: Hard plastic
Batteries: Rechargeable (charger included)
Attachments: 3 Santoprene Elastomer attachments included
$290.00, available at Babeland