Little Chroma

reviewed by Lippy Imp on Wed 29 Nov 2006

little chroma

Technology finally caught up with the simple yet crowd-pleasing slimline vibrator. How so? Here’s an analogy: if your old slimline is a Walkman, then the Little Chroma is an iPod: smaller, sleeker, cooler. And, well, pricier too. The Little Chroma is the slightly less glamourous (re: cheaper) version of the Little Gold (made from 24k gold) and the Little Steel (made from…oh, you know), but just as functional. The casing is anondized aluminum, so it’s smooth and cool to the touch. Inside, just one AA battery powers a potent little motor that is also replaceable, meaning that with proper care, the Little Chroma could be your friend for life.

Here’s what good about it: even though it is small is size (5” long, 5/8” wide), the Little Chroma has a strong buzz to it. The motor hums like the engine of a well-tuned luxury car—that is, nice and quiet. Seriously, this is a good one to have if you’ve got thin walls or light-sleeping roommates. Also, I liked the shock of the cool metal on my skin much more than the room-temperature plastic of the typical slimline.

On the downside, despite reports to the contrary, Little Chroma has only one speed. Granted, it’s a nice speed, but considering the relatively hefty price tag ($165), I expected more. Also, as with most slimlines, this one doesn’t have a flaired base, so even with its ideal dimensions, the Little Chroma shouldn’t make deliveries around back. This is a shame because with its non-porous surface and finger-width size, it would be great for anal play. That said, if you’re tired of burning out the old plastic slimlines every six months and are willing to invest in quality, the Little Chroma will make a stylish and potent addition to your bedside table

Little Chroma
Available at Babeland
5” long - replaceable motor - anondized aluminum - $165