The Cherry

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Fri 9 Mar 2007

the cherry

This is the first thing you must know: The packaging is breathtaking. My friend opened the box for me, and I could hear over the phone her sounds of pleasure, just like you’d hear from someone who’d been generously gifted on Christmas morning. She gasped when she found the pretty red satin pouch. Anyone would gasp upon finding the pretty red satin pouch. It’s thickly padded but you can feel the Cherry’s hardness through the layers of padding–kind of like feeling up your partner’s stiffness through his pants.

Once I got the toy home with me, I had to admire it right away. It is lovely. I wished that I lived in a time and place where it was appropriate to display phalluses on your mantle or on your coffee table, because I’d so display this toy. The heavy clear glass is wrapped in deep red swirls, and if you peek down into the head of it, you’ll see tiny cherries. It has a nice wide base, so it can be used for anal play if you desire (and I did desire to use it for anal play!), and the head’s underside is slightly grooved to approximate a frenulum.

Very pretty, very pretty indeed.

Pretty is all very well and good,” I can hear you thinking, “but tell us how it works!

All right, I will.

Moved as I was by the Cherry’s beauty, I took it with me into the shower straightaway. One of the wonderful things about hard sex-toys (glass, metal, etc) is that they require little if any additional lubrication. With a few clit-twiddles and the assistance of warm shower-water, I was more than ready to have the Cherry in me. I’d never before used a sex-toy with ridges; it was a really nice feeling. I could feel each swirl as it slid into me. The Cherry’s shaft is curved up slightly so as to better stimulate the g-spot. Once I got it pointed in the right direction, it did hit my g-spot very effectively. I would have liked a way to tell which direction was up without removing it from my body–a small groove etched into the base, perhaps? It was hard to tell with the toy sliding in and out of me, but this is a very small complaint.

And did I come? Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes I did. Many times, there in the shower.

But there was no way that I was done with the toy after just that! Later, I took it with me to a horizontal surface (the couch, if you must know). I was equipped with lube and a powerful vibrator. I wanted to know how the Cherry would perform in my bottom.

After preparing myself with lots of stimulation from the vibrator, I added a bit of lube to the top of the Cherry and nudged it into my bottom. I’ve used sex-toys of this size in my ass before, but there was something about the ridges that made this one feel extra-intense. Each red swirl stretched me just a bit more. Coming with the toy in me was fast and hard. I reported later to my friend that it had hurt, just a bit, because of the swirls.

Hurt in a good way?” he growled excitedly into my ear.

Oh yes. In the best possible way,” I sighed.

Cleanup is easy with glass toys: a quick dip into sudsy water (or even a cycle through the dishwasher) would be sufficient. However, since this toy is so deeply ridged, you might need to let it soak for a bit, especially if you don’t run right to the sink after using it. I’d strongly recommend using a condom on the Cherry if you decide to use it for anal play.

The Cherry is a gorgeous and effective piece of sexy art. The price is completely justified when you consider that with proper care, you’ll be using this toy for the rest of your life.

The Cherry
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Measures 6 1/2" by 1 1/2", $180