Tail Light

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 15 Mar 2007

tail light

Just for the fun of it, I’ve decided to write this review on the fly. In other words, I’m writing this review while actually using the product I’m reviewing.

Unprecedented, I know! It’s wild!

A little bit ago, I took the Tail Light out of its packaging. You know how some sex-toys come to you in a hard plastic shell? Sealed around the edges? With a picture of a nearly-naked woman on the front? My Tail Light arrived in a sock. Yes, a sock. A cute white child’s sock, with a thin black ribbon stitched onto the foot and tied around the toy.

That certainly raised my eyebrows, but hey, it’s a great way to keep this shiny acrylic toy protected from scratches as well as from prying eyes. White sock: Odd but effective. I heartily approve.

The Tail Light is available in three sizes; mine is an x-large. Its insertable length is almost 4″ and it’s nearly 7/8″ across. Shiny and glass-like, you’ll want to spend some time just touching it and looking at it. It’s very pretty. Notice how watery-clear it is? Feel the unblemished smoothness? It’s just begging to be used.

A drop of lube on the tip and it was ready to find a home in my bottom. The smoothness of it feels great going in, and the oval-shaped flange and thin neck mean that it will stay in place no matter what I’m doing. Some plugs have notoriously poke-ey flanges but this one is very smooth. I’m wiggling on my chair a bit to test the smoothness. Yep, very smooth. You could wear this out on a date. Or to your date’s house. You could wear it while you cook dinner. You could wear it while grocery shopping, and whisper to your partner in the cereal aisle what naughty things you’d like to do once you’ve unpacked your produce. This is definitely a comfortable toy.

Wait a bit–all this wiggling has caused me some personal issues that must addressed. I’m going to go take a shower. Be right back.

Back now, fresh from the shower (and from coming) and divested of the Tail Light. I gave the toy a work out and it performed well. It remained firmly planted in my ass while I was coming, and since I’m The Queen of Kegels, that by itself is pretty amazing. Not a bit of slippage. I’m impressed.

The Tail Light would be an excellent beginner’s anal toy, especially in the smaller sizes. It’s gorgeous and sturdy, easy to insert, stays in place well, and comes out nicely when you are done with it.

My ass approves.

Tail Light
Available at Babeland
$62-$82 - small, large and x-large sizes available