Berman Athena Vibe

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 19 Apr 2007


The Berman Athena Vibe comes packaged in a tiny purple box printed with tips on how best to employ your new toy. Tucked inside the box you’ll find another instruction sheet, four interchangeable silicone tips, an adorable purple storage bag, and the vibe itself.

Measuring in at just over 4″ long (barely double the length of the single “A” battery the vibe requires), this vibe is perfect to carry in your purse or even in your pocket. As I’m somewhat of a mechanical geek, I love the fact that the Athena Vibe is made of clear plastic. You can see the inner workings of the toy! I had to spend some time just playing with it and watching the gears spin. Awesome.

The Athena has one small design flaw. The base twists off so that you can insert the battery. With a twist in the opposite direction, you can turn the toy on to its one speed setting. Halfway between “on” and “open” is the setting for “off,” but it’s far too easy to slide right past “off” … and then the toy opens in your hands. If your fingers are slick with lube or your own juices, you’ll have trouble getting things back together again. The instructions declare the vibe to be waterproof, but I’d be leery of taking it into the water because of this flaw.

All in all, this is a pretty small complaint for a vibe that is otherwise so nice. The Athena provides surprisingly strong vibrations, although you don’t have the ability to ramp the vibrations up or down.

I tried the Athena first with the smooth silicone cap. I expected the cap to dull the vibrations too much for me and was amazed to find that the vibe did its job well. The other caps were a bit angular for my tastes but they did transmit the vibrations much better than I expected. Uncapped, the vibe felt great too. It’s topped with three tiny metal studs that rubbed nicely around my clit.

Because of the tiny size of the Athena Vibe, I’m planning on tucking mine into the tissue box next to my bed for easy access. Just be careful if you ever come visit me and you need a tissue. You might get more than you expected.

Berman Athena Vibe
Berman Athena Vibe
Babeland , $16.00, 4" x 1"