Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lubes

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 17 May 2007


Where would we sex-loving perverts be without our lube, I ask you?

The answer is that we’d be bone-dry and extraordinarily cranky when we tried to do deliciously dirty things to ourselves or our lovers. So let’s pause for a moment today and give thanks for lube.


Let’s give thanks in particular for Sliquid Lube, which is a really great brand carried by Babeland. I was sent small bottles of Sliquid’s Cherry Vanilla flavor and also their Green Apple Tart flavor. Sliquid also makes a Blue Raspberry flavor and some other varietals.

The Cherry Vanilla and Green Apple flavors that I tested are water-based lubes, safe for use on all body parts and with all kinds of sex-toys. If you are going to use lube on a silicone sex-toy, you’ll need water-based lube. These lubes also useful because they rinse away easily when you are done playing.

Both varieties that I used were thick enough to stay put on my toys with only minor drippage. I used both types vaginally and anally and was very pleased by the results. Being well-lubed for anal adventures is important to me, and the Sliquid lubes stayed slippery wet throughout long ass-fuckery sessions with my favorite toys.

Both these flavored lubes dried nicely with absolutely no stickiness. They washed off my toys and off my body without any fuss at all.

Very good so far, eh? No complaints at all.

But these lubes are marketed to taste great! I suppose you want to know how the flavor stands up, don’t you?

I am happy to report that the flavor is just fine. Very good, in fact. I don’t really have a problem with sex-organs that taste like sex-organs, but if you’d like a little cherry with your clit or some apple with your dick, these lubes are a great alternative.

Both the Cherry Vanilla flavor and the Green Apple Tart flavor are lightly scented; you won’t have to worry about smelling like pie for the rest of the day after using these lubes (not that there’s anything wrong with smelling like pie, mind you). Cherry Vanilla Sliquid tastes to me a bit like cherry ice cream. It’s sweet but not at all cloying. Green Apple Tart Sliquid has a very fresh, light flavor. Neither lube is overly sweet, chemically or heavy.

These Sliquid lubes are excellent lubes with perfectly acceptable flavors. If you’ve got to have flavor in your lubes, these lubes are the way to go.

Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lubes
Available at Babeland
4 oz. - $14.00