Alien Lover

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Fri 18 May 2007


How insanely useful is this? The Alien Lover Dildo glows in the flippin’ dark!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been forced to fish around in the dark for a recalcitrant sex toy that rolled away to some unknown location under the covers or on the floor. That would never happen with the Alien Lover; with its ghostly pale-green glow, you could find this slippery little critter instantly.

To tell the truth, the Alien Lover glows brightly enough that you could guide yourself through a darkened room by the its glow. That is completely awesome. I love multi-tasking sex-toys.

The Alien Lover is made of soft, flexible silicone; it’s actually a bit softer than some other silicone toys I’ve tried. It’s still plenty firm for thrusting, but the Alien Lover is soft enough that it felt great when my body squeezed down on it. The toy also has a really nice heft to it. I’m not a fan of sex-toys that feel cheap or fragile. This one definitely does not. In the light, the Alien Lover is a creamy white shade with perhaps a touch of shimmer. It’s got an interesting sort of s-curve that will make you wonder which side is meant to be the front and which the back.

I guess it doesn’t really matter, now does it?

One side of the Alien Lover is dotted with a constellation of small bumps which could resemble a face, if you were inclined to let your imagination wander. The other side has a series of ridges which could be gills, if you’d like to carry our your Alien Lover fantasy to the extreme. And really, who hasn’t fantasized about sex with someone from out of this world?

Because I have an unreasonable fear of putting bumpy things into my bottom, I only tested the Alien Lover vaginally. However, I feel certain that for someone who likes a bit more stimulation in the arse, this toy would work very well.

The Alien Lover is well worth the price, and because it’s made of safe, hypoallergenic, durable silicone, it will be with you for the rest of your masturbating days.

Now all I need is a glow in the dark vibrator.

Alien Lover
Available at Babeland
6" x 1 5/8" - $99.00