Maximus Lube

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Sun 24 Jun 2007

Eager to try out some of the various lubes on the market, I ordered a small bottle of Maximus.

This is one lube whose reputation proceeds it. Many sex-educators recommend it, especially for use during anal-sex.

I tried Maximus with some of the larger butt-toys that I’d been given over the past several weeks–toys that were considerably larger than anything else I’d used in the past. The first toy I experimented with was a large butt-plug that frankly scared me even to look at. The second toy was a gorgeous silicone dong that I couldn’t wait to feel inside of me.

In both instances, Maximus did just as I hoped. I dropped a healthy dollop of it onto the head of each toy and was happy to see that it stayed put. It didn’t drip down the toys’ sides even as I carried the toys across the room (and in one instance was interrupted by a lengthy phone call from my sister). A lesser lube would have dribbled away, but Maximus’ jelly-like consistency allowed it to stay right where i put it.


The second test when it came to inserting the toys. Maximus provided a smooth entry for each toy, which really surprised me, considering the girth of the toys. It felt thick and smooth going in and a surprisingly small amount did the trick. The lube lasted well for the half-hour to an hour that I spent playing.

When I was done, the lube washed off my toys very easily. It’s water-based, so it’s safe to use on all kinds of toys and with condoms.

Now for a few drawbacks. Maximus doesn’t taste so hot. It’s got a bitter tang that you really don’t want to find lingering around your naughty bits…or your fingers. If allowed to dry on your skin, it gets slightly tacky–it’s not bad, but you’ll certainly know that you’ve had lube there.

Some users noted in their reviews of Maximus that their privates were left tender and irritated by the lube. My privates were slightly irritated after using Maximus–with a fairly girthy butt-toy. I attribute the irritation to the use (um, the very vigorous use) of the toy and not to the lube itself, as I have used the lube several times before with no irritation.

That being said, if you are the owner of particularly sensitive skin, you might want to go slow with the Maximus to make sure you don’t have a sensitivity to it.

Otherwise, Maximus performs well, especially in instances where you want your lube to stay where you put it.

Maximus Lube
available at Babeland
50 mL, $7.00