Emotional Bliss Jasmine Vibe

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 25 Jun 2007

I’m becoming a sex toy box-whore.

I love toys that come packaged attractively–toys that I could imagine giving as gifts without embarrassment. I like to see toys packaged in ways that feel sexy and not tawdry, substantial and not flimsy.

The Jasmine from Emotional Bliss meets these criteria. This lovely little vibe arrives in a sturdy storage box that gives no clue to what lies within. After playtime and clean-up, you could toss your Jasmine and all its accessories in the box and store the whole thing in the closet without wondering what your mother-in-law will think when she goes hunting for a coat hanger.

Surely I’m not the only one who’s been embarrassed when their mother-in-law went hunting for a coat hanger?

Eh, who cares about the box, right? It’s what’s inside that counts. So let’s look inside, shall we?

The Jasmine approximates the size and shape of an electric razor. Its hard, smooth casing feels really comfortable in the hand. The contact surface is dotted with raised pleasure bumps; I’m not so crazy about bumps on my sex toys, but these are not bad. The handle contains a recess for the charger while the business end houses three plastic-covered buttons which control vibration pattern and power. More on that later.

This toy is made in the UK, so it’s got a healthy variety of plug choices. Presumably you can plug in and recharge your Jasmine all across Europe and the US. If you aren’t one to travel with your vibe, however, just choose the US plug and toss the rest back into the box for safekeeping.

You are meant to charge up the Jasmine for 12 full hours after you receive it, so don’t get any ideas about putting it straight on your clit out of the box. A light in the toy’s handle tells you that the toy is fully charged.

A pair of cute bottles of lube (one water-based, one silicone-based) are included with the vibe. Both feel great. Nice bonus, Emotional Bliss!

Each product in the Emotional Bliss line comes with a thick booklet of instructions. The booklet includes an introduction by the co-founder of Emotional Bliss, Julia Cole, who also helped design this line of toys. You can read hints on setting the scene for masturbation, operating instructions for the toy, some advice about lubricants, thoughts on using these toys in partner play, a description of female sexual response, and directions for cleaning your toy. It’s a small novel devoted to the topic of pleasure–and it’s the most extensive instructional manual I’ve ever seen included with a sex toy. The hints and tips range from the very useful to the slightly ridiculous (for example, a suggestion that men put one hand to sleep by laying on it, so as to achieve the sensation that they are being wanked by someone else). Despite that, the booklet is a nice touch, especially for a masturbation amateur.

The controls on the Jasmine are very simple, considering the amazing vibratory range this toy has. A single button allows you to turn the toy on and then cycle through several different patterns of vibration. Two other buttons let you increase or decrease the strength of vibrations. That’s it. I like not have too many confusing buttons and knobs to deal with when I’m masturbating, so this is nice.

The patterns available on the Jasmine were interesting. I particularly liked the one that cycles sharply up and then drops off again; this would be a great tease for a someone to use on a partner. When the time came to stop playing and orgasm, the highest steady setting did the trick, but certainly wasn’t hugely powerful. If you are looking for a very powerful vibe, the Jasmine isn’t it.

It is, however, a fairly quiet vibe. On a constant setting, I don’t think your roommate would hear you using your toy. Playing with the varying settings might raise some eyebrows though.

I think the best application for this vibe would be for someone who wants to play with a lot of fun settings and find out exactly what their body likes the best.

Emotional Bliss Jasmine Vibe
6 3/4" x 3" Babeland $132