The Condom Cube

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 25 Jun 2007

condom cube

Who hasn’t had the heartbreak of condoms scattered all across the nightstand at the end of a hot session of love? The used ones get mixed in with the unused ones, the empty packages are impossible to distinguish from the full packages, and there’s the frustrating fumble to find that elusive new condom for the final spectacular fuck.

Then you realize that there is no final condom. You’ve miscalculated, so what you thought was the penultimate fuck is going to end up being the final fuck. It’s been a really great evening but that one last fuck would have made it absolutely perfect, only your condoms got all messed up and you are left in need of one more condom that just…isn’t…there.

I hate it when that happens! (I’m not the only one this has happened to, am I?) has created a product that will help keep you organized during marathon fuck-fests. It’s a classy little box called the Condom Cube, perfectly sized to sit on your dresser stuffed full of a dozen condoms. Available in seven styles, from girly-pink hearts to sexy black and red, the Condom Cube would look good no matter what type of bedroom you own.

The construction of the Cube seems sturdy enough. It’s got a clever magnetic closure, easy to open with one hand when your other hand is occupied south of the border (and more than likely covered in lube). I tried out my Condom Cube with regular sized condoms and some larger condoms. A dozen is a tight fit, but wow you’d have to be having quite the encounter to go through twelve condoms in just one night. carries a line of other sex toy and condom storage devices. There’s the tiny French Envelope, designed to keep two condoms protected and discreet in your purse or briefcase. The Devine Toy Box boasts a tiny lock and can be tucked into a drawer to keep your stash of naughtiness away from snoopers.

I particularly have my eye on the Devine Satchel, which is large enough to hold several toys, condoms, lube and even DVDs, all while masquerading as a classy purse.

I like it best in sexy black. My birthday’s coming up. Anyone want to get me one?

The Condom Cube
Available at , $22
2 5/8" x 2 5/8" x 2 5/8"