The Pleaser

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 2 Jul 2007


Beware that you do not drop The Pleaser on your foot. If you do, you will spend the rest of the evening in the emergency room, I fear.

“But it’s just a dildo!” I can hear you thinking. “How much damage could be done to a foot by a dildo?”

Ah, my sweet innocent reader, The Pleaser is indeed a dildo, but it is a dildo that weighs nearly two pounds. This is one serious toy. It’s constructed of a heavily-rippled aluminum shaft and two different-sized stainless steel ends, one of which can be removed.

The creators of The Pleaser are Laura and her husband, metal designers who make other products beside sex toys. They spent 14 years experimenting with commercially available sex toys and their own creations before perfecting The Pleaser. They sell their toys through their own website (reviewed separately on Jane’s Guide; see also our review of The Teaser) and in a few select stores.

I really liked how The Pleaser felt in my hand. It’s solid and weighty, which screams “Quality Toy” to me. However, I was not so crazy about how the toy was put together. My friend and I spent a few naked moments examining The Pleaser before he used it on me; we took it apart and checked out all the pieces. We found that it was easy to “lose” the screw that holds the end and the shaft together when we tried to reconnect the pieces. The screw isn’t firmly attached in either piece, so it was hard not to have the screw disappear into one or the other piece while we twisted them together. I wish there would have been some sort of a stop on one end of the screw to avoid this problem.

The fact that the toy can be disassembled made me worry a bit about cleaning it too. Laura says that everyday cleaning can be accomplished with hot soapy water; the toy only needs to be taken apart for periodic deep cleaning. I would be compelled to take it apart after every use. I’d worry that various fluids would get caught in between the shaft and the head.

By the time my friend and I settled down to play with The Pleaser, I was thoroughly warmed up from many previous orgasms. We lubed up well and went to work.

Let me tell you, The Pleaser gives a very intense sensation. The combination of the ripples and the weight of the toy allow seemingly gentle thrusts to deliver quite a bit of force; my friend gave me a massive g-spot gushing orgasm in no time at all. Then the creative devil began twisting the toy in me. The Pleaser provided a deep, strong and (to me) absolutely unique sensation.

I loved it, but after only a few minutes of use, I was far too sensitive to keep going with it. Two pounds of metal in the pussy is pretty extreme for my tastes. We had to remove the toy and try some more soothing activities.

If you are intimidated by larger sex toys, this one will scare the pants off of you, and not in a good way. The Pleaser would work best for someone who likes very heavy vaginal stimulation and who likes to play with her toys.

The Pleaser
Available through Laura's Things
8 1/2" long, 1 1/2" diameter, 1 5/8" end