Eros Bodyglide Lube

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 9 Jul 2007

I love silicone lube.

Here, let me say it again: I love silicone lube. If I didn’t live in such a repressed community, I’d climb up the rooftop and shout it to everyone: I LOVE SILICONE LUBE!

I’ll try to restrain myself.


Because of a rather sheltered early sex-life, I used to believe that lube was unnecessary if things were working correctly. I thought that the female body produced all the lube that could ever be needed for any normal sexual activity. The first lube I ever owned was an industrial-sized tube of KY Jelly given to me by my gynecologist after the birth of my baby. I used that one tube for years–years!–before realizing that there were many better options out there.

Eros Bodyglide is one of the best options. It seems quite pricey until you realize that silicone lubes are incredibly slippery; you’ll only need a few drops in order to keep going for a really long time.

If you smooth a bit of this lube on your arm as a test, you’ll feel as though your skin were covered by millions of tiny ball-bearings. Your hand will glide over your lubed-up skin. If you desire, you can allow the lube to stay on your skin. It can be used as a wonderful shaving treatment (this is actually one of my favorite off-label uses for it), and will make your skin feel super-smooth. It never goes sticky or gummy.

I’ve used Eros Bodyglide for vaginal sex, anal sex, and masturbation with and without toys. It performs well in each case. I particularly like it for anal sex, as you don’t need fists-full of the stuff in order to be adequately lubed. ‘Cause nothing kills the mood like when your body sounds like a butter-churn.

The only drawback of Eros Bodyglide (or any other silicone lube) is that you can’t use it with most silicone sex toys. You’ll need to remember this, because if you tryBodyglide, you’ll want to put the rest of your lubes in the back of the toy drawer and only use this one.

Eros Bodyglide Lube
available at Babeland
$24 for 100mL