Girlberry Silicone Vibe

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 9 Jul 2007


The Girlberry Silicone Vibrator from Black Label is without a doubt one of the most unusual looking vibes I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and I’ve had the pleasure of using a lot of vibes.

The Girlberry is made of soft purple silicone. It’s 7.5″ long and a hefty 1.75″ wide. A thin cord to the power unit snakes out of the wide, harness-compatible base. There’s a nice curve on its shaft which should nudge the g-spot or the prostate nicely. None of this so far is unusual, right?

Did I mention that it’s purple?

Yes, it’s very purple, and it’s got a head on it that is like no other. It’s a sphere (purple, of course) covered with dozens of soft little pleasure bumps. Viewed from the side, the Girlberry looks like the silhouette of a hunched-over person wearing a very unusual ski cap.

Stuffed inside the shaft of the Girlberry is a multi-speed vibrating bullet that provides the most power to the middle of the shaft. I’m not crazy about this; I’d prefer the power to be concentrated at the tip of the vibe. The power unit allows you to cycle through seven different patterns of vibration, including high, medium and low and some throbbing or escalating patterns.

A tiny light in the power unit provides a visual clue to the changing patterns. I found the light to be utterly enthralling to watch. It glows steadily on some settings, but on the escalating pattern, it changes colors and blinks! I couldn’t stop looking at it while the toy pounded away in my pussy. If I’d had the wherewithal to turn on some Pink Floyd, the evening would have been perfect.

Used on my clit at the highest possible setting, the Girlberry gave me a gentle orgasm in a matter of minutes. The power of this vibe won’t blow the top of your head off, but it’s certainly serviceable. In the vagina, the various patterns were a lot of fun to try out. I found the throbbing patterns to be really interesting while I used my fingers on my clit.

I also tried the Girlberry ’round back. I’d highly recommend slipping a condom on the toy for this purpose. The Girlberry would be best for someone with quite a bit of practice with anal; its girth and texture made it a challenge–a fun challenge!–even for me. The various vibrations were interesting to try in my bottom and I’m guessing that they’d be even more interesting for someone who owns a prostate.

If you remember to cover the Girlberry with a condom when you use it in your bottom, clean up will be easy. Without the condom, things could get a little bit messy, but nothing that hot soapy water can’t handle. Since the toy is silicone, you should use only water-based lube.

Black Label products arrive from the land down under far faster that you’d think possible. The Girlberry comes with a sleek black carrying case but no instructions. You are on your own in figuring out this vibe, but once you start pushing buttons and watching the pretty light show, you’ll be just fine.

Girlberry Silicone Vibe
Available at Black Label
7.5" x 1.75"
approximately $128.00 USD