Massage Oil Spray

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 9 Jul 2007

You know how some massage oils are so gooey-gross that you don’t even want to touch them? I’ve tried some that were so gloopy, messy and downright nasty that it wasn’t worth the bother to take them down from the shelf.

massage oil

I am happy to report that Babeland’s Massage Oil Sprays are *not* like that.

Available in Himalayan White Tea, Lilac Woods and Mango Vanilla scents, these easy-to-use spray bottles stay remarkably clean and glop-free. You can aim the spray exactly where you need it (your lover’s back, perhaps?) and away you go.

These sprays are made primarily from sweet almond oil, a rich moisturizer for the skin. They also contain fragrances and cyclomethicone, a form of silicone which produces a “dry” feeling when the oil is applied to the skin.

I worried that the scents, especially the lilac one, would be too feminine for use on a man. I was so wrong. Each of the scents is natural and unisex. They smell sexy but not perfume-y, which is exactly what you’d want when giving or receiving a sensual massage.

I tried out the Mango Vanilla oil on a lover as a cool-down from some more *ahem* sexual play. My friend laid out naked on the bed while I gently spritzed his back (ok, his bottom too) with the oil. It goes on very light and is never drippy. Beforehand he’d expressed concerns about leaving the bed a greasy mess and about smelling like a florist’s shop. After he felt the texture of the spray and smelled the fragrance, his worries dissipated. My hands glided over his warm flesh and almost put him to sleep.

Because at the moment I lack sufficient opportunity to use three full bottles of massage oil, I decided to try Babeland’s Massage Oil Spray for another purpose. No, not on the squeaky hinges of my front door. I used it for shaving my legs and my other assorted bits and pieces.

I really liked the fact that I could spray the oil on, which kept my hands mostly dry. If you try this, you’ll want to make sure you spray over a towel so that your floor doesn’t get slippery. The oil worked really well for shaving, allowing me shave closely even on the difficult terrain between my legs. It left my skin perfectly soft and smelling great.

These sprays seem somewhat pricey, but you won’t need much for a really nice massage or if you decide to shave with them. I highly recommend them.

Massage Oil Spray
Available at Babeland
2 oz. - $15.00
Himalayan White Tea, Lilac Woods and Mango Vanilla scents