Sinnflut Intensity Vibe

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 9 Jul 2007

Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted a Sinnflut vibe?

I’ll tell you: A damn long time.

I’ve tried other rechargeable vibes before this one and have been largely underwhelmed by the power they were able to deliver. They were all nice vibes, but just not quite powerful enough to give me the kind of strong stimulation I crave. The Sinnflut Intensity is a different story.


It got me off. This is a very good thing.

The Sinnflut Intensity is made from soft silicone and hard red plastic. The effective portion of the vibe is about 6″ long; it widens to about 1.5″ across near the base. The shaft is heavily grooved and the tip looks like a stylized cockhead, albeit a vivid orange-ish red cockhead.

It recharges via a small, well-designed base. There’s nothing whatsoever exposed on this vibe. It’s water resistant according to the box, so take it into the shower with you, if you wish. I did. And I liked it very much.

I find it fascinating that the vibe merely rests in its recharge base. You don’t plug it in; there’s no exposed metal. I don’t know how it works–I don’t want to know how it works. I’m just happy that it does work.

The base of the toy houses a single button and a bright red joystick. You turn the vibe on with the button, then you can raise or lower the intensity of vibrations with the joystick.

What’s really nice about this vibe is that there’s an enormous range of intensity, from a very low rumble to a strong roar. Of course I like the roar the best, but the lower settings would be great for a tease or for someone who’s not into rattling her brain around in her skull by means of a vibrator.

The Intensity also features several patterned vibrations. There’s a surging pattern and a couple levels of throbbing patterns. These were a fun warm-up for me and felt great when I held the vibe between my labia.

I’m not sure where along the shaft the motor lies, but the silicone material transmits vibrations easily up and down the shaft. If you are looking for very intense vibrations just on the tip of your toy, the Sinnflut Intensity probably isn’t the right toy for you.

The only drawback I found with this toy was that it tends to rattle quite a bit at the higher settings. You won’t get away with using this one in a crowded room, at least not without your friends snickering at you.

But for use when noise isn’t an issue, the Sinnflut Intensity delivers.

Sinnflut Intensity Vibe
available at Babeland
6" x 1.5"