The Teaser

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 9 Jul 2007


The Teaser is the younger sibling of The Pleaser, also reviewed by Jane’s Guide. It’s a smart-looking vaginal exerciser or anal plug made by Laura and her husband, who wanted to create a toy that could be worn for hours at a time for the express purpose of ramping up horniness.

The Teaser is constructed from of an aluminum rod which separates two metal spheres; a larger stainless-steel one, and a smaller aluminum one. It feels nicely weighted and very sensuous in the hand. Stainless steel is great for temperature-play, so you’ll probably have ideas about gently warming or slightly cooling the toy before use.

I love toys that arrive in pretty packages. The Teaser comes in a velvety scarlet pouch. As soon as I unwrapped it, I was compelled to play with it. You’ll find that the toy breaks down into four pieces: two balls, the aluminum spacer rod, and a screw which holds everything together. The Teaser has a deep shine from some serious polishing.

It was fairly easy to reassemble the toy after I’d satisfied my curiosity about its make-up, and the company provides ample instruction on how to clean it when you want a deep cleansing. For everyday cleaning, Laura recommends soap and water. I’m a little dubious about this; I’d worry too much that it would need to be disassembled in order to get it fully clean. And while it’s certainly fun to take apart your sex toys, I can’t say that it’s my favorite thing to do.

When I first saw The Teaser on Laura’s website, I thought it would make a right nice anal plug, so that’s how my friend and I used it. After lubing up carefully, my friend popped the large ball of The Teaser into my bottom and let the smaller ball rest outside. He said that it felt great while he was inside me, and the weight of the ball certainly felt wonderful for me too.

When we were done, we rested together for a few moments, then my friend asked me what I’d done with the toy. “Nothing,” I told him, “it’s still there.”

“No it’s not,” he replied.

Those are not the words one wants to hear when one is wearing a buttplug . In the course of moving around after sex, apparently the plug had worked its way completely into my bottom. This is never a good thing. After a bit of a struggle (ahem, more than a bit of a struggle), I got the toy back out again, none the worse for the wear.

I later tried The Teaser vaginally (after a thorough cleaning, of course) and found it to be very sexy. I wore if for a couple of hours while at my desk, and I could not keep my mind off my pussy. I found myself rocking slightly in my chair as I typed. This, I believe, is the very best use for The Teaser. I would ONLY recommend using in vaginally, not anally.


I’m happy to report that after I told Laura via email of the problem I had with this toy, she removed references to anal use in The Teaser’s web description. She and her husband are looking into some new designs for anal toys right now. The Teaser should ONLY be used vaginally.

The Teaser
Available through Laura's Things
The Teaser: 1" shaft, 1 3/8" end and 1" end