Minx, by Shiri Zinn

reviewed by Jane on Sat 14 Jul 2007


I will admit, I’ve had this particular toy sitting untried for the past month or so. I absolutely had to have it when I saw it on the GoodVibrations website, and I actually giggled delightedly when I unpacked it from it’s UPS box because the entire presentation was just so over-the-top girly. The Minx arrives in a faux-alligator pink box, lined in pink satin. It includes a silver-tone metal display stand as shown in the picture. I haven’t used the display stand, I’m quite certain if I left it out my kitten Sherman would be playing with the Minx’s marabou tail.

So why was it untried? Only because it demanded that I wait for the right time. This proved to be this very morning, since Elliott and I had the house to ourselves, sans children, for the first time in about 6 months.

The toy is actually surprisingly heavy once you insert the two C batteries. It’s got a nice, quiet hum to it’s variable-speed vibrator. The black crystal-studded base turns to adjust the intensity. Of course we HAD to play around with the marabou tail, which is how I know that should your partner try to tickle your face with it, you don’t want to be wearing any of that sticky high-shine lip gloss – it’s rather like having your lips tarred and feathered. Heh.

The vibrations were strong enough to be nice clit stimulation when it was used that way, and I’m a girl who likes clit stimulation. When it came time to try insertion, I did have to relax a bit more just because it’s made of medical grade hard plastic. Very hard plastic. Although I noticed on a customer review at the GoodVibes site that it can be used for g-spot stimulation, for myself it sorta hurt when Elliott tilted it up, so we just left that alone. As far as the rest of my insertion review? Yow! The combination of the heaviness and the vibration was delicious, and I had one of those prolonged sit-at-the-crest-of-the-rollercoaster-hill for what seemed like forever orgasms that left me unable to move for about 30 minutes. Oh my. I don’t play much with insertables that actually vibrate, so maybe it was just the new sensation. At any rate, it more than did it for me, I have quite the happy glow to carry me through my day.

As far as cleanup goes, don’t let the marabou tail worry you – it actually comes out of the base perfectly – not with so much effort as to damage the pretty tail, but with enough effort that you won’t have it falling out if you don’t want it to.

In all, I love that the sextoy industry has been headed in the direction of aesthetically pleasing, high-quality products. I think it has a lot to do with women being more involved in the design and production. As this toy’s designer, Shiri Zinn, says on her websiteit is only through quality that we can challenge prejudices and preconceived notions about sexuality.

Minx, by Shiri Zinn
Minx, available at Good Vibrations
Takes two C batteries.
7” insertable length, 1 7/8” in diameter (widest part).
Approx. $199