Silk Touch Egg

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 19 Jul 2007


I never get my hopes up for small vibes. The Silk Touch Egg from Babeland looks petite and cute enough that I expected it to produce nothing more than a gentle hum.

So after adding the requisite three “AAA” batteries, I held the Silk Touch Egg against my clit. With the intensity dial turned all the way up, I hit the power button.

And then I nearly had to peel myself off the ceiling. This vibe delivers the power in a big way. Even with the intensity dialed as low as possible, it’s still surprisingly powerful. The Silk Touch Egg gave me a strong gushing O in record time.

Once I’d settled down enough to explore the toy more thoroughly, I had a go at the various pulsating options. These are controlled by an enormous silver button, so even if you are half-stupid with pleasure, you’ll be able to manage clicking through the settings.

The first click gives a steady buzz. The final click turns the toy off. I should mention that it’s quite easy to click the large button inadvertently; I managed to turn the vibe back on numerous times as I was cleaning and preparing to store the Silk Touch Egg. You’d probably want to disconnect the power cord from the egg or remove the batteries so that you don’t turn the toy on at an inappropriate moment.

The clicks found between the first and the last give you a variety of pulsating options, each of which can be fine-tuned with the intensity dial. I’m usually not that impressed with pulsating vibrations, but these were actually wonderful. I was able to get off a few more times solely from the pulsating settings. This is unheard of for me, and should give you some idea of how powerful the pulses are.

I liked one or two of the pulsing settings more than the others; I kept trying to click back to the ones I liked the best. Unfortunately, the big silver button had a habit of double-clicking right past the ones I most wanted, which was frustrating at best.

Another drawback of the Silk Touch Egg is its volume. It’s flippin’ loud. Not to mention that it sounds disconcertingly like someone chuckling, and I am not making that up. You probably will not be able to get away with using this toy unless you are either alone or with people who won’t heckle you for your masturbatory habits.

Regardless of the Silk Touch Egg’s double-clicking proclivities and odd chuckling noise, I’m going to be using it again. A lot. And next time (I hope!) I’ll get to use it with a friend.

Silk Touch Egg
Available at Babeland
3" x 1 1/8"