Nippies Patch of Freedom

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Sat 28 Jul 2007

I admit that in my life as a mother and sometimes sex-blogger, there is at best an infrequent call to don nipple covers.

Usually a plain white cotton bra suffices wonderfully for trips to the grocery store, meetings with schoolteachers and appointments with the children’s doctor, even though he is utterly adorable and I’d like nothing more than to hustle the kids out of the room and let him examine me for a change.

But that would be wrong.


(please note that the picture here is not actual size, just a representation of a few of the colors and styles available)

Occasionally, however, I am able to cast aside my role as The Mother and delve into some more adult adventures, such as going out on dates or even meeting up with a man for a romantic interlude. It was with just such an evening in mind that I placed an order for a couple of pairs of Nippies from the California-based retailer Bristols

Nippies are cute little nipple covers, designed to be worn under sheer clothing for modesty’s sake or alone for a decidedly naughty appearance. At the moment Bristols6 shows 18 styles of Nippies, ranging from basic black crosses, reminiscent of those worn by strippers in conservative establishments; all the way to sequined butterflies and cherry-covered hearts. Some seem meant to disappear against your skin tone (creme, caramel and black lacy hearts, for example) while others definitely want to attract attention. There’s even a selection of pale blue and purest white Nippies for use under wedding gowns.

Each type of Nippies is available in two sizes: a smaller size for A and B cups, and a larger size for C and D cups or extra coverage for smaller-breasted women. As a woman blessed with more than her share of succulence in the breast department, I ordered the larger size and hoped for the best.

My Nippies arrived in a cute little envelope that looked like it held a greeting card. Inside, the Nippies were packaged in a small cardboard envelope. Each set you order comes with four Nippies (enough for two wearings, if you intend to cover two breasts each time) along with four cotton nipple protectors and two small test patches.

There are also ample instructions. While the adhesive on Nippies is medical-grade, Bristols 6 suggests that you test your sensitivity to the product by wearing one of the small test patches on your chest for several hours. They discourage use of Nippies on any inflamed or otherwise sensitive skin.

I was rarin’ to go, so I attempted to peel the protective backing off the first test patch and give it a whirl. I failed. The patch resisted all my attempts to remove the protective backing from the adhesive without also removing the adhesive. I discarded it and tried the other one. I wore that patch for several hours, then removed it and went to bed.

Well, I thought I’d removed it. I found in the morning that I had not removed the test-patch before bed-time, which meant that I wore it for many hours longer than Bristols6 recommends. Oops. When I did remove the patch, my skin was very faintly red underneath–but not at all sore.

I was not concerned enough about the slight irritation to give up on my Nippies-wearing plans, so later that day, I donned them before a date. The covers were fairly easy to position and did provide good coverage for my purposes.

Suffice it to say that when my date discovered the naughty secret hiding beneath my top, he lost no time in gently peeling them off of me. This process wasn’t any more uncomfortable than removing a bandage. Of course most people aren’t also getting kissed and felt-up when they remove bandages, tho I’d highly recommend it for discomfort reduction.

Nippies would be awesome under a flirty, sheer top or something low cut. They’d be fun to try under lingerie as another layer of tease. I do recommend using the test patch; even though Nippies uses medical-grade adhesives, if you’ve got a sensitivity, you’d want to find this out somewhere else than on your nipples.

Nippies Patch of Freedom
Available at
prices range from $10-$15 for two pairs
two sizes available in each of 18 styles