Pink Lube

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Wed 1 Aug 2007


I adore lube. I consider it an absolutely essential supply for both partnered sex and solo sex. And not just any lube will do. I’m very demanding. It’s got to be a high-quality lube without a foul taste or any gloopiness.

Pink Lube from Babeland is such a lube. It’s available in two different sizes packaged in plastic bottles, and a larger size which comes in a pretty glass bottle. The plastic bottles are actually quite classy in their own right; to me they look like the sort of thing in which you’d find a high-end lotion. I wouldn’t hesitate to leave this lube out in plain sight. That is, I’d leave it out in plain sight if my little ones wouldn’t immediately spirit it away and bathe the cat with it.

Pink is a silicone-based lube, which means that just a bit of it will leave you really slippery for a long time. Silicone lubes shouldn’t be used with silicone or cyber-skin toys but are otherwise safe for use anywhere on your body and with condoms.

The feel of Pink Lube is very different from that of a water-based lube. You can rub some into your skin without leaving behind any greasy or sticky residue. It leaves you feeling slick but not at all messy.

I used Pink Lube with a friend for vaginal and anal sex (on me), with various sex-toys (also on me), for fisting (dang, it was a busy night!), and for butt-play and a long back massage (on him). It worked well for everything, and it actually gave me the easiest session of fisting I’ve had to date.

I really liked being able to move from one sexy activity to the next without worrying about a foul taste ending up in a place where my lips would eventually want to go. Pink Lube has no taste. It might leave the barest hint of film on your lips (similar to a touch of lip gloss), but it’s not objectionable at all.

Pink Lube is not the thickest lube out there; in fact it’s pretty thin. So think carefully about where you want the lube to go before you start squirting, ok? It worked best for me to squirt it into my hand and then rub it into the body part or toy in question. You can try to squirt it directly onto a body part or sex toy, but if the item in question is long, thin or in motion (ahem), you’ll end up with more lube on the sheets than on the item.

This squirt top employed on Pink Lube makes application easier than with a flip-top, but there were times that I wished it would squirt a little bit more and faster and even upside down, dammit! I needed more than one squirt could provide, especially for anal and fisting.

The fact that one squirt isn’t enough for my excessive nature is really the only criticism I can level at Pink Lube.

Pink Lube
Available at Babeland
$13.00 for 1.7 oz
$15.00 for 3.3 oz
$26.00 for 4 oz