reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Wed 8 Aug 2007


Someone long ago told me how amazingly wonderful it felt to have her lover prickle her body lightly with a pinwheel. At the time she told me this, I was young and naive. I couldn’t comprehend how something prickly could possibly feel good.

Since I’m currently a much more curious sort, I felt compelled to try out her assertion for myself. I ordered a pinwheel (also known as a Wartenberg Wheel) from Babeland and enlisted a willing partner to help me test the toy.

It’s a shiny-bright stainless steel piece which looks like an evil, miniature pizza cutter. The points are quite sharp; if you are not familiar with a toy such as this one, you should proceed with caution. Originally developed by a doctor to judge responses in neurological patients, the pinwheel has been borrowed by the BDSM community and other kinksters for licentious purposes.

Now why exactly would you want to use something so very very pointy during sex? Isn’t sex supposed to be about pleasure?

Let me tell you what, Lil’ Ms. Sunny McSunnerson, sex is more than just unicorns floating over rainbows in a bright blue sky while cheerful pixies sing hymns. Sometimes a little bit of pain heightens every other sensation. Sometimes strong (not necessarily painful) sensations can bring on ginormous orgasms.

At least, that’s what strong sensations do to me.

Having the pinwheel used on my back, arms and legs makes me shiver with barely contained glee. On hands and feet it is squirmingly unbearable. You could of course use the wheel directly on genitals (gently, please!) but that would require a constitution stronger than the one I possess.

Even if you are not a big fan of painful sensations, you’ll like the occasional use of the pinwheel for a deliciously strong contrast to typical loving touches. After you roll the pinwheel across your partner’s skin, kiss the trail.

I’m betting you’ll hear happy, appreciative sighs.

Available at Babeland
6 3/4" x 1 1/8"