Big Boy

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 9 Aug 2007

big boy

Let me start by saying that XXX Glass is NOT exaggerating with the use of the word “big” to describe this toy.

The Big Boy is really big. Obscenely big. Ridiculously big. Ginormous. Colossal. Monolithic.

And it’s gorgeous. For a while it perched on a table in a room lit by only a candle (a large flange at the toy’s base allows it both to stand upright and to be used anally if you so desire). The flame shone through the Big Boy’s clear glass, fascinating me as I watched from the bed while my friend and I played. I both anticipated and dreaded using it later.

My friend has a fascination with putting large things inside of me. I’m kinda fond of it too. I consider it to be an absolute miracle that the vagina can stretch to accommodate a large toy (or a fist), and then almost instantly shrink back to a tight, slippery tunnel when the toy (or the fist) is removed.

As with any glass toy, the Big Boy feels very cool against the pussy when you first start. It can be heated under warm water or chilled in the refrigerator (never in the freezer though). Glass toys in general need little lube because they are non-porous and will therefore not absorb lube. They also won’t allow germs or dirt any place to hide.

XXX Glass ships its toys in discreet brown packages; included with each toy is a storage pouch. Glass is a remarkably sturdy material for sex toys, but if you drop a glass toy, you should conduct a rigorous inspection for any chips or cracks. You do not want to use a damaged toy for sexual purposes. If you drop it, you’ve got yourself a unique paperweight.

After lots of playtime (for the sake of warm-up, you understand), my friend and I fetched the Big Boy and carefully lubed its massive head. You do understand that a 2″ diameter head is quite large, right? Two inches across means over six inches around–and six inches around is pretty damn girthy, wouldn’t you agree?

See, I should have done this particular calculation before I ordered the toy. Math was never my best subject. Or maybe it was a case of my eyes being bigger than my pussy?

Nevertheless, the rounded head of the Big Boy felt amazing against my vulva. It was incredibly smooth and massively large. Rest assured that the fact that my friend couldn’t get the entire toy inside of me did *not* detract from my enjoyment of the process. We stroked the toy all over my pussy (especially against my clit, wow) and rotated it against the opening to my vagina. There was plenty to do with the Big Boy other than thrusting.

To get the most out of the spectacular dimensions of the Big Boy, you would need to be a very serious size king or queen. Otherwise, the Big Boy might be a little too much Boy for you.

However, if your eyes are bigger than your pussy, the Big Boy could easily be repurposed. Half-bury the shaft in your garden and tell visitors it’s a statue of a mushroom. Place it on your dresser and use it to organize your bracelets. Could it be a doorstop? Sure! A dumb-bell? Oh yes. A impressive tchotchke for your mantle? Why not?

But my guess is that even if the Big Boy doesn’t fit on the first attempt, you’ll want to keep practicing.

Big Boy
Available from XXX Glass
11" x 1.75" with 2" diameter egg
approximately $350.00