Fling by Nobessence

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 16 Aug 2007

The label on the intriguing box describes the box’s contents as a “wooden sculpture.” I love that.

I guess it’s an appropriate description, because Fling certainly does look like a piece of sculpture. It definitely doesn’t look like a sex toy; if you didn’t have instructions (or an active imagination), you might be puzzled as to what you were meant to do with Fling.

Fling is 8″ long, of which approximately 4″ can be inserted. The rest of the toy is designed to be used as a handle through which you or your partner can slip two fingers. Made from exotic hardwood, meticulously sanded and coated only with non-toxic finishes, Fling should last for many years with proper care.

People tend to worry about the durability and the smoothness of sex toys made from wood. The creators of NobEssence take particular care through the entire manufacturing process to ensure that their toys are glassy-smooth and can tolerate all the demands of sex play. Good Vibrations conducted an in-depth interview with one half of the NobEssence creative team; check it out here to find out more about the company’s design philosophy.

My “wooden sculpture” came enclosed in a sturdy box that took me a moment to figure out how to open. Once I realized that the interlocking halves slid apart (duh), I found my Fling held in place by thin elastic loops. Such an improvement over the typical plastic clamshell!

Every Fling is made by hand; because of this and because of the organic material from which it’s made, each piece will vary slightly in size and shape. It should be safe to use with all types of lube. The toy can be cleaned with warm soapy water (no soaking, please) and then dried thoroughly.

My partner in crime tested the toy on his hand before we ended up in bed–a dry run, if you will. He found the handle to be very comfortable on his fingers and the shape to be intriguing. Before too long, we took our bad selves to bed with Fling and a bottle of lube.

Only a drop of lube was needed for the toy because its surface is so very smooth. It provided a feeling of fullness inside of me and the toy’s swollen head rubbed my g-spot wonderfully.

However, I noticed through my orgasmic fog that my friend kept switching his hand position on Fling’s handle. He moved from an overhand grip (palm down) to an underhand grip (palm up) a couple of times, seemingly indecisive about which was the best way to handle to the toy.

When I questioned him about it later (after I’d calmed down), he said that it was hard to keep a firm grip on the toy because it kept sliding around on his fingers as he thrust the toy into me. He opined that Fling’s handle would have been better if it had room for three or even four fingers instead of just two.

I would have preferred a longer insertable length on the toy. It seemed to me that my friend’s knuckles had to crash into my vulva in order for him to get the toy far enough into me. Was this a function of my own particular anatomy? Would the toy have worked better for someone built a little bit differently? I’m not sure.

In summary, Fling gave me great gushing orgasms and a wonderful sense of fullness. It’s a beautiful piece of sensual art that you would be proud to leave on your bedside table. Depending on the anatomy between your legs and the anatomy of your partner’s hands, you may have some issues with getting a comfortable position on the handle.

Fling by Nobessence
Available at Good Vibrations
8" x 1 5/8"