Please Gel

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Wed 22 Aug 2007

please gel

Please Gel Lubricant is so amazingly crystal-clear that you could read a book through it if you so desired. It’s packaged in a clear plastic bottle with a pump top, and pleasingly enough, the pump delivers a really nice dollop of lube with just one push. Don’t worry about tiring your fingers out by having to pump and pump and pump. Save up that finger strength for … well, use your imagination.

And let me tell you about Please Gel. It is thick. I don’t mean that it’s just a little bit thick. I mean it is really really thick. I squirted some on the end of a big dong of mine and the lube stayed there in a cute little swirl. It didn’t drip. It didn’t slide. It just sat there, sparkling cheerfully in the sunlight.

Amazed, I turned the dong upside down. The gel still stayed on the toy. Even under the influence of gravity it stayed put.

This is awesome.

No, this is beyond awesome. Do you know how awesome this is? This means that you can dispense some Please Gel where ever your pervy little heart desires and it will stay there without dripping onto the sheets or off the cock or away from the vagina or down from the butt. It will just stay put until you start twiddling, thrusting, stroking, sliding or whatever it is that you do.

Please Gel is a water-based gel with absolutely no smell and a minimal taste. The taste is somewhat chemically, unfortunately, but it’s not horrible.

The gel dries with a slight degree of stickiness on the skin; when I rubbed the place on my arm where it had dried, the remaining gel came up in sticky little pills. This is not the greatest characteristic for a lube. I’d much prefer that lube simply disappears like snow on a warm spring day, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Please Gel would work best for activities where you really want your lube to stay where you put it. It would be awesome for anal play–this is the activity I’ve employed Please Gel for most frequently and it is excellent for that purpose.

Please Gel
Available at GoodVibrations
$8.00 for 2 oz.
$16.00 for 8 oz.
$26.00 for 16 oz.