Nipple Haloes

reviewed by Jane on Thu 6 Sep 2007


Just a couple of days ago, I got these beautiful little sterling silver rings in the mail. They’re tiny, enough so that they arrived packaged in a small giftbox, tied together with a tiny black satin ribbon so as not to get lost.

Let me start by saying that I have very sensitive nipples. Too sensitive, sometimes, because while I am a kinky girl and enjoy a good spanking, any kind of nipple clamps are absolutely out of the question. Still, I happen to think I have awesome nipples, that look especially good when nice and aroused. I figured we could try these out, if Elliott was into it.

We had to open them up a bit, because they arrived in a bit too small a circle to fit around my nipples. They are easy enough to adjust, however. A bit of play and my nipples got nice and hard, then Elliott slipped them on and adjusted down for a nice tight fit. Happily, even tightened they didn’t hurt one bit, and they looked really pretty. And hot.

If you’re like me and you have annoyingly sensitive nipples that you still sorta want played with, this is a good option. If you prefer a bit more pain, like clamps, you’ll probably find this option way too mild.

Nipple Haloes
Available at Wild in Secret
non-piercing | fully adjustable | sold in pairs
approximately 2" x 0.06" | fully adjustable
sterling silver