Spiral Jildo by Woodpeckers Roost

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Mon 10 Sep 2007


There’s something very special about sex toys made from wood. Maybe it’s the deep shine that comes from heavy polishing, or maybe it’s the inherent naughtiness of using a product for sexual purposes that began its life as a tree. Maybe it’s the fact that wooden toys seem different in all ways from your typical plastic-clamshell packaged, naked-girl illustrated, for-novelty-use-only toy whose image we often conjure up when we think of sex toys.

I’m not sure what it is that seems so special about wooden sex toys, but I’ve been particularly fond of all the wood toys that have come across my path. The Spiral Jildo from Woodpecker’s Roost is no exception.

Jildos are hand-made in the US by the owner of Woodpecker’s Roost, Jilda. She carves, sands and finishes each piece to exacting standards using only non-toxic materials. The wood’s natural markings are allowed to shine through. For safety reasons,Jilda uses no stains, only food-grade finishes and waxes. Each piece is meticulously sanded for beauty and safety. Jilda promises that you’ll find no cracks, dings or tool marks on any of the toys she creates.

My Jildo is made from richly-hued American Cherry wood. It’s of the variety called the Spiral; because Jilda creates her toys by hand, each Spiral is slightly different, but they all feature ridges reminiscent of old-fashioned honey drippers. One end of my toy is vaguely cock-head shaped while the end other is spherical. Deep ridges run the entire length of the shaft.

Other Jildos are made from maple, canary, rose wood and walnut. Jilda produces several different designs, including one made up of gentle curves and another that looks like anal beads, if anal beads were made from wood and lined up perfectly on a wooden shaft. If you don’t find a toy on the site that tickles your fancy, you can email Jilda with your request and she’ll do her best to whip up a unique toy just for you.

One of the really nice features of the Jildo is that it doesn’t, at first glance, look like what you’d expect a sex toy to look like. If a young (or not so young *cough*great aunt*cough*) and naive person found it while rummaging through your drawers, they probably wouldn’t immediately think the Jildo was for sexual use. They’d probably think it was just a piece of elaborately carved wood that you’d (perhaps) picked up while traveling or at a local exotics store. This would be a good thing, no?

Jilda ships her creations in discreet packages that reveal no hint of what’s inside. She includes a velvet storage bag along with a certificate of authenticity.

I had a friend try out my Jildo on me. I was just a bit leery of the toy’s ridges. I feared that they might be too much for me. So we slathered on loads of lube and proceeded very gently.

The Jildo felt as smooth as glass inside of me. Honestly, if someone set up a blind pussy-test (!!!) with glass toys and wooden toys, I don’t think anyone could tell the difference, as long as all the toys were at the same temperature. The Jildo’s head (the phallic-looking one) entered me smoothly and felt great against my g-spot. Either head of the toy worked well when rubbed softly between the labia. I found it very gentle and sexy.

The ridges, however, did prove to be a little too intense for me. I had to ask my friend to go more slowly; a good hard fucking with this toy was out of the question. Another person, however, would have loved the strong stimulation that came from the ridges. During future adventures with the Jildo, I limited my thrusts to the much more shallow variety and was pleased as punch.

The Spiral Jildo lacks a flared base that would make it harness compatible or 100% safe for anal usage. However, since the toy is 10″+, I’d feel safe using it anally as long as I (or my partner) could keep from getting carried away. Other styles of toys from Woodpecker’s Roost are considerably shorter. I would not recommend using these for butt-play.

These wooden toys can be washed with soap and water and then dried immediately. They should not be soaked. All types of lube should be effective with Jildos, but you’ll want to use a condom if you plan on sharing your toy.

Woodpecker’s Roost will refund your money if you aren’t completely happy with your Jildo. This is almost unheard of for adult products. Jilda says that any returned product will not be resold; it will instead end up in the bonfire. And they’ve never had a Jildo returned yet.

I can certainly understand why.

Spiral Jildo by Woodpeckers Roost
Available at Woodpecker's Roost
Approximately 10" x 1" (varies by style)