Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 13 Sep 2007

naked scents

Imagine for a moment that there’s an apple pie baking in the oven and a quart of premium ice cream waiting in the freezer. Can you smell the scent of the pie in the air?

You can? Good.

Now imagine that the pie is out of the oven and has cooled. You’ve cut a piece and lovingly placed it on a plate. You’ve topped it with a softly melting scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Still with me? Can you smell it? Can you almost taste it?

I ask because Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube smells remarkably like apple pie a la mode. And you know how warm apple pie on a plate oozes forth a fragrant, delicious puddle of filling? Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube looks exactly like apple pie filling. You can actually see tiny bits of (presumably) vanilla in the lube.


If you taste Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube, you’ll find that it’s pretty much a spot-on match for tart apple pie filling. The formula contains actual cinnamon bark and vanilla, so its pleasant taste should come as no surprise.

A lube that looks and smells nice is awesome, but I’m sure you really want to know how it works. I tried out Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube with a large-ish silicone toy (the lube is water-based, so it’s great for toys that can’t have silicone lubes used with them) and found it to be more than satisfactory.

You can squeeze out a healthy dollop of the lube from its flip-top container, and it actually stays where you put it. I turned my toy every which way in an effort to coerce the lube to drip. Did it drip? It did not. This is a great characteristic, especially when you want your lube to perch in some precarious position, such as on a toy or an upturned bottom.

The lube dries slightly tacky, and those charming little bits of vanilla will still be visible where ever the lube dries. This is a not-so-great quality of the product, but the tackiness is similar to many other very thick, water-based lubes.

Naked Scents Lube is also available in Lavender Rose and Strawberry varieties, if you would prefer not to smell like mom’s apple pie as you do the nasty.

Naked Scents Cinnamon Vanilla Lube
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