The Cone

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 20 Sep 2007

the cone

Fulcrums are neat.

See, the Cone can work as a fulcrum across which you drape your horny body. The small glossy brochure included with the toy shows a number of ways that folks could possibly use the Cone, which is a good thing because the Cone is like no other vibrator you’ve ever seen before.

Even the box is cool. Yes, it’s plain old cardboard, but it’s bright pink! And it’s shaped like a pyramid!

I had troubles getting the base off the Cone so that I could put in the batteries (three “C” batteries are required). Finally I resorted to reading the directions; even then it wasn’t easy. You have to pull the base toward you while also depressing two tabs. This is harder to do than it seems because of the shape of the toy.

The Cone is covered with a cushy silicone skin (use only water-based lubes, please) and is operated by two small covered buttons. I really like sex toys that don’t require a lot of thought to operate, and the Cone really couldn’t be any simpler. The right button turns the toy on while the left cycles the toy through sixteen different programs.

Sixteen programs…ugh. I’m sure the designers meant well, but even thinking about sixteen programs kind of exhausts me.

As you cycle through the programs, a light blinks to tell you which program you are on: one blink for program one, two blinks for program two, and so on. The problem is that the light blinks so quickly that it’s hard to tell where you are. If you’ve got a favorite program, it’ll probably be a matter of trial and error to click through ’til you find it.

If you push the right button again, the Cone will jump to the final program, which is supposed to get you off and fast. I didn’t find that program to be incredibly strong or stimulating, but someone else certainly might.

As I was messing around with the Cone in my kitchen, I was struck by how skid-resistant the Cone’s base was. I am an adventuresome sort, but even I couldn’t imagine gettin’ frisky with the Cone on my kitchen counter. Thinking back of the illustrations in the Cone’s instruction manual, I decided to back up the toy while bracing it up against the wall. It did not try to slide down the wall as I expected, and it continued to stay put as I ground back on it.

That felt nice, but certainly not nice enough to get me off. I continued experimenting. I sat the Cone on a chair and cautiously lowered my naked backside onto it. I had to wiggle a bit to get comfortable, but once the toy was kind of nestled between my thighs, I could rock my pelvis on it and it felt…nice. It felt nice enough but it wasn’t enough to get me off.

I tried sitting on the Cone lotus-style, on the floor. Again, it felt good, but not good enough to finish me.

Eventually I stretched out of the floor with the Cone trapped beneath my pubic bone. This position worked the best for me. I was able to circle my hips over the Cone, which eventually got me off. Later, however, my pelvis ached a bit from pressing against the toy.

The volume of the Cone is pretty loud. You’d definitely hear a lowish revving sound if someone were using the Cone behind a closed door.

All in all, the Cone was interesting and fun to toy around with, but it will not be the first toy I reach for when I’m hoping to get off.

The Cone
Available at Babeland
7 1/2" in diameter, 4 1/2" high