Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibe

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Thu 27 Sep 2007


I’ve had the pleasure of trying a number of Lelo sex toys thus far. They are all high-quality and quite beautiful—but the Gigi is my favorite Lelo product of them all.

The packaging on Lelo toys is the epitome of classy. The Gigi comes in a fabric-covered black box, inside of which the vibe rests comfortably along with its charger, an instruction manual and a satiny black storage bag emblazoned with the Black Label logo.

I really like having the ability to keep my high-end toys in their own sturdy boxes, separate from the other toys. The Gigi is nice enough that I didn’t want it bouncing around with my lesser toys. Snobby? Perhaps. But the Gigi is worth it.

This vibe arrives with a full charge from the factory. When this charge is exhausted, a red light glows around the toy’s single control button. The charger plugs into a covered port in the base of the toy. I like having the charger port covered while the toy is in use, because really, who wants to deal with gunked-up charger ports?

One charge lasted for me through two sessions of play and some time spent goofing off with the Gigi’s control button.

The head of the Gigi is made from a matte-finished purple silicone while the handle is made from hard plastic. Only water-based lubes should be used with this vibe because of the silicone head. To get the maximum enjoyment from the Gigi, you’ll definitely want to use some lube.

If you like having numerous choices in type and intensity of vibration, you’ll really like what the Gigi can do. You can cycle through five different types of stimulation (three pulsing patterns, a surging pattern and a steady buzz) by means of the top and bottom part of one central button. You can also increase and decrease the intensity of each type of vibration with the left and right sections of the button. Continuing to press the left side of that button turns the toy off.

Holding the center of the button for five seconds locks the toy for travel; hold it again for five seconds to reawaken the Gigi when it’s playtime again.

I had some small troubles in getting the center button to operate correctly. I found that it took more than five seconds (yes, I did time it; and no, my head wasn’t muddled with orgasms when I tried this) to get the toy to lock and unlock. When I contacted Black Label about this problem, they very helpfully walked me through a solution and even offered to replace my toy. Nice.

The Gigi was designed for superior g-spot stimulation, and I found this design to be QUITE effective. Because of the shape of the head and where you’ll want to put it, I emphasize that adding a bit of water-based lube is a very good idea. Once inside, the flattish head nestles into just the right spot for rockin’ g-spot vibration.

Also, the head of the Gigi feels great on the clit. I usually like my clit vibes to be super-strong; the Gigi is definitely not the strongest vibe out there, but it certainly does the trick. The nice angle of the head, the soft silicone material, and the great variation in types of stimulation possible all combined to make the Gigi a really nice clit vibe too.

Having one control button is a great idea, as it eliminates the need to fumble around in the dark when your mind is on…er…other things. However, the button on the Gigi sits in the exact spot where I wanted my thumb to rest as I was using the toy. You know what this meant? It meant that as I was rubbing the toy on my sensitive bits, I kept turning it off. Or changing the type of vibration. Or slowing it down. Or speeding it up.

It ranged from funny to annoying to really annoying depending on how close to coming I was. If I were in charge of redesigning the Gigi, I’d add some skid-proof speed bumps on and around the button. Call me, Lelo. We’ll talk about it.

The small problems I had with the Gigi’s button didn’t much detract from the overall quality of the Gigi. I’d highly recommend this toy to someone who likes moderately strong vibrations and who wants the ability to get off without batteries.

Now I will try to wait patiently for the next lovely Lelo toy I get to try. Could it be any more fabulous than the Gigi? It’s almost to much to hope for!

Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibe
Available at Black Label Adult Shop
6.5" x 1.25"
Approximately $130.73 USD