Starburst Tickler

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 1 Oct 2007


The Starburst Tickler looks exactly like a cat toy.

At least, the Starburst Tickler looks exactly like a cat toy—to my cats. I know this because when I went to bed, I left the Tickler sitting innocently enough on a shelf above my desk, but when I awoke, I found the toy on my couch, being pounced on repeatedly by one cat while the other cat watched with enormous interest from the floor.

After I retrieved the Starburst Tickler from the paws of my knuckleheaded cats and shook off a few stray cat hairs (which prompted another fit of rambunctiousness from the kitties), I endeavored to put the toy to good use.

As unusual as the Starburst Tickler might look, if feels fantastic on the skin. Having it lightly passed down my legs brought on delicious shivers, while its touch on my neck was almost unbearably sexy. Inner arms? Rrowr. My feet? Oh baby. Inner thighs? Yowser.

I found my nipples hard just from those little bits of stimulation, and a jolt of electricity running directly to my pussy. I wanted to grab someone—anyone!—and fuck them silly right that very moment.

Wow, I’m kind of on a hair trigger, don’t you think?

I certainly can’t promise that every person caressed by the Starburst Tickler will immediately want to get naked with you. Trying this toy out on random passers-by, for example, sounds like a good way to get beat up, or sent to jail.

But in the right atmosphere, it would be lovely. Put on some relaxing music, pour a glass of wine, and (with permission, of course) run the Tickler up and down your lover’s legs.

Or, in a slightly kinkier situation, I can’t imagine much more enticing than being tied up and blindfolded while my lover applies various kinds of sexy stimulation, including the Tickler, to my naked flesh.

Whatever pervishness you try with your Starburst Tickler, just make sure to keep it away from the cats.

Starburst Tickler
Available at Babeland
20" long