Mr. Bendy

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 3 Oct 2007

mr bendy

How can you not like a realistic dildo that sports a smiling face on its frenulum?

Let me tell you, you can’t not like it.

Mr. Bendy is made from squeezably smooth cyberskin with a positionable spine at his core. This means that while the outside of Mr. Bendy feels eerily like the real thing, you can also position him any which way your little heart desires—which is obviously not something you’d want to do with the real thing. You could make Mr. Bendy curve slightly upward to best hit the g-spot of a woman lying on her back, or you could curve him slightly downward for use on a person in doggie-style position.

Bend him left, bend him right…even bend him straight down, which in fact is what I did ten minutes ago, just before tucking Mr. Bendy into my panties.

Ah, so this is how it feels to walk around with a dick between your legs, is it? Wow. How do you men-types get anything done during the day? I can’t keep my hands off of this thing!

One of the really nice benefits of Mr. Bendy is that you can pack with him and then later use him for fucking. There are very few toys that are capable of being used in both ways. Granted, Mr. Bendy will give you a mighty large bulge, but positioned properly, it will look just fine. And it will certainly perform just fine when it’s time to get naked.*

I first tried out Mr. Bendy with a friend, who was happy to bend this toy into a sweet upward curve before lubing him up and sliding him home. I loved how comfortable the toy felt inside of me. While I absolutely adore the longevity you can get from toys made from stainless steel, wood or silicone, they can be too hard for some people. If you prefer your toys soft but still capable of giving a good hard fuck, Mr. Bendy would be a great choice.

I’ve been working Mr. Bendy hard since he arrived at my house, in the hope of finding out just how sturdy he is. I’ve bent him repeatedly. I’ve twisted and then straightened his positionable spine. I’ve flexed and pulled and stretched the cyberskin material. Anyone watching these machinations would surely cringe. Nothing thus far has damaged the toy. His spine can still be bent back to a straight position, and no amount of pulling has ruined the skin. Just don’t expect him to last forever; cyberskin will eventually wear out, especially with the kind love you’ll want to lavish on this toy.

Cyberskin is a material that needs a little extra tender loving care. A condom will help keep the toy clean, especially during anal play. Use only water-based lubes with Mr. Bendy, and clean him in hot soapy water after playtime. You’ll probably want to dust him down with a little cornstarch before storage, as this will keep the material from feeling sticky. Don’t use talcum powder for this purpose; talc is a product that should never come into contact with the vagina.

Now will someone please remind me to take Mr. Bendy out of my panties before I go pick up my kids from their grandma’s house? I’m pretty sure that grandma would wonder why I’d suddenly developed a bulge in my jeans.

*Thank you to Essin’ Em for the wealth of information she provided about packing.

Mr. Bendy
Available at Babeland
6 1/2' x 1 1/2" $65.00