XXXGlass Blue-Balled Spinner

reviewed by alwaysarousedgirl on Fri 5 Oct 2007


The head on this toy looks like a thick piece of melting ice. I pulled the Blue-Balled Spinner out of its protective pouch and was immediately enchanted by the gorgeous looks of the toy’s hefty head.

Unlike the semi-spherical heads on many toys, this head is a shaped like a softly rounded pyramid. The head tapers into a shaft dotted with cobalt-blue bumps, which in turn is attached to a spinner-plate covered in the same pretty blue bumps. A handle attaches to the base of the spinner-plate so that whoever is driving the toy will have something solid to grip.

Glass is such a lovely material for sex toys because it can be cleaned easily, it requires very little lube, and it adapts well to moderate changes in temperature. Just make sure to inspect your glass toy for any damage if you drop it, because a crack or nick will render the toy unusable for sex play.

I enlisted the help of a friend in testing out the Blue-Balled Spinner. After some other fun to get me worked up, he lubed the Spinner and slid it in me. I love how cool glass feels at it enters me; even at room temperature it’s such a rush. But the toy quickly warmed up with the heat of my body, and that’s when my friend started spinning it in me.

He had no trouble hanging on to the Spinner’s handle, even considering the amount of lube we’d used with the toy. The spinning sensation felt good in me, and the large head provided a very full feeling. I hoped that the bumps on the toy’s spinner-plate would hit my clit. Instead, they softly ran over my labia, which was unexpectedly nice.

Eventually my friend changed to a thrusting motion with the toy, and that’s when the real fireworks started. I know that’s not precisely what the toy was designed to do, but DAMN it felt awesome used like that.

The XXXGlass Blue Balled Spinner would be best for someone with at least some experience with solid, unyielding toys. If cared for properly, it should provide a lifetime of spinning and thrusting fun.

XXXGlass Blue-Balled Spinner
Available at XXXGlass
6" x 1.5"