Hydrasmooth Lube

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 10 Oct 2007


In my role as your devoted sexual product tester, there is one thing I do with each and every lube which crosses my desk.

I taste it.

Why, you ask? Because I like to use lubes that both work well and don’t taste awful. I know lube isn’t meant to be eaten as a topping on ice cream, but sometimes your tongue runs across a random bit of lube in the course of sexual play, and gagging on its foul taste is just not neighborly.

Unfortunately, when I downed a wee nip of Hydrasmooth, I gagged.


Hydrasmooth tastes really really horrible.

If taste is important to you, read no more! Go find another lube immediately!

But if taste is not tops on your list of lube must-haves, you really might enjoy Hydrasmooth. It’s a water-based lube, meaning that you can use it with all your toys, even the silicone ones.

The squeeze-top bottle looks like it might contain hand cream; its appearance is low-key enough that should your bottle happen to slip out of your purse in front of your priest, dentist, PTO president or mother, no one will have to get their panties in a knot.

To the touch, Hydrasmooth feels a bit like hair conditioner. It’s not at all greasy, but it does feel smooth and super-slippery.

I used the product for penetration with a large silicone toy and it performed admirably. It did not dry out during the 45-minutes or so that I played; nor did it get sticky, clumpy or nasty.

Babeland claims that left over Hydrasmooth will disappear into your skin. I didn’t find this to be quite accurate. Extra lube dried on my arm into a slightly tacky spot. It wasn’t objectionable, but it certainly didn’t vanish into the atmosphere.

I’d recommend Hydrasmooth if you are playing alone or in a partnered situation where you’ll hit the showers as soon as you are done. The lube will perform well for any type of penetration.

Do whatever you like with it, but please, I beg you. Don’t taste it.

Hydrasmooth Lube
Available at Babeland
$12.00 for 2.5 oz.