Njoy Pfun Plug

reviewed by on Thu 18 Oct 2007


If I had to choose only one brand of sex toys to take with me to a deserted island, the brand would be Njoy.


Well, first of all, the toys wouldn’t ever disintegrate under harsh island conditions, as they are made from gorgeous medical-grade stainless steel. Njoy toys would shrug off heat and salt water like nobody’s business. Also, they are so tough that not even a falling coconut would likely hurt them.

Furthermore, Njoy toys come packaged in really cool hinged-top black boxes that could be used to hold island treasures (seashells, doubloons) or (in a pinch) to trap small creatures for lunch.

Any sex toy good enough for deserted island sex definitely belongs in your collection, don’t you think?

Njoy has recently come out with the Pfun Plug, which is primarily designed with prostate stimulation in mind; it’s got a cleverly placed bump that’s meant to stimulate just the right spot.

The head of the Pfun Plug is a modest 1 1/4″, making it a good choice even for butt-play novices. Every Njoy plug is equipped with a sturdy handle. You will not lose this toy inside of yourself, and you will have no trouble removing it when the time comes, even if your hands are covered with lube. Or…whatever.

At present I am not equipped with a prostate, so I felt it was best to hand off my Njoy Pfun Plug to a friend of mine named Rupert who does own a prostate. He tested it, then tested it again, then for good measure he tested it even more. I did encourage him to be thorough!

Rupert is not terribly experienced in the fine art of putting things up his ass. While he was initially apprehensive about the size and hardness of the toy, he found that with a little bit of lube, the plug slid home without a fuss. And after he got the plug situated, you know what he did? You’ll never guess.

He took a nap.

Who naps with a solid stainless steel buttplug in their ass? It’s a testament to the comfortable nature of this toy that he could nap while wearing it. It must have worked out pretty well for him, because he woke up with a raging hard-on and pre-come puddled on his stomach. The thought of that makes me tingle.

Later, Rupert wore the plug as he did chores around the house, which is another unique use for a buttplug, but who am I to judge? He tells me that the plug felt like it was making a break for it a few times, so he used those times as opportunities to wiggle the handle and make sure the toy was still in place. Sneaky, eh?

According to Rupert, each episode of Pfun wearing ended it toe-curling yelling thrashing praying cursing full-body orgasms. I think it’s safe to say that he liked the toy. Very very much.

The only complaint Rupert had was about the Pfun’s handle. He felt that it was a bit too angular for extended wear. From my own experiences with Njoy plugs, I tend to agree. A rounded handle would be more comfortable. The trade off would be less ease in removing the plug. Any irritation from the handle in my opinion only occurs when wearing the plug for quite a long time; shorter sessions withNjoy plugs should not be a problem.

If you have a prostate and the desire to experiment with prostate play, the Njoy Pfun plug would be an excellent investment. And if you are even in danger of being stranded on a deserted island, pack this toy. You’ll thank me for this advice later.

Right, Rupert?

Njoy Pfun Plug
Available at Njoy: pure/fun
4 3/4" x 1 1/4"