XXXGlass Full Color G

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 22 Oct 2007

full color g

I’m betting that you wouldn’t so much as hang a picture without the appropriate tool. A hammer might not be absolutely necessary in order to get a nail into the wall, but it certainly helps. In the same way, you could tighten a nut on a bolt without a wrench, but it would be far more difficult, right?

See, a good sex toy is nothing more than a tool whose function is to make pleasure easier to achieve. Thinking about trying to stimulate your g-spot, are you? The g-spot absolutely can be stroked without the use of a toy, but a good toy will make it much easier and more satisfying for everyone.

The XXXGlass Full Color G is a great sex toy because it does exactly what every great sex toy does–it gives pleasure with a lower degree of difficulty than what would be experienced with your own or your partner’s fingers.

Cobalt blue, pale green and white swirls decorate the shaft of this sweet little g-spotter. The toy is a compact size: just 7″ long with a swollen 1.5″ head. The head itself curves very gently upward so that it can more effectively reach the g-spot. Rings of smooth green dots lie just below the toy’s head. The size of this toy makes it perfect for someone new to sex toys or who is averse to larger toys.

XXXGlass ships all of their toys with a complete instruction sheet and a protective corduroy bag. Read the instructions, please. You’ll learn that all lubes are fine to use with glass toys; you’ll also find out cleaning instructions and safety advice for your new toy.

I requested the help of a friend in testing out the Full Color G. He warmed me up with plenty of oral sex, then slid the lubed toy into me. Now I’m a bit of a size queen. Often I choose toys that might make other women quail. I wouldn’t originally have thought that this toy could do much for me, given its diminutive size.

I was wrong. Applied with a gentle upward angle, the Full Color G felt amazing. The smooth round head hit my g-spot with ease and brought me to a series of strong orgasms without any difficulty at all.

Buy this toy for its gorgeous colors and effective shape. It’ll be a tool you’ll use over and over again.

XXXGlass Full Color G
Available at XXXGlass
7" x 1.5"