Berry Delight Vibe

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 7 Nov 2007

berry delight

My first Berry Delight Vibe arrived as dead as the proverbial doornail. One quick email to the helpful staff at Babeland netted me the super-fast dispatch of a replacement Berry.

Packaged in a see-through plastic box, the Berry Delight consists of a teardrop-shaped control unit connected by a long cord to an egg vibe. The vibe is covered by a phthalate-free, easy to clean silicone sleeve with dozens of pointy blue nubs.

Unlike some egg vibes, you cannot remove the Berry Delight’s egg from the controller. You also cannot remove the blue nubby sleeve from the egg. This is unfortunate, because some might appreciate the properties of the controller but not be so enthused about nubby blue things. Or the reverse.

In the course of poking around at the Berry Delight, I managed to break a small plastic flange at the top of the controller where it connects to the cord. The vibe claims to be waterproof, but I didn’t want to test that out after breaking the flange.

Batteries go into the Berry Delight by means of a small cradle, which is a helpful solution for battery wrangling. The controller features seven different speeds and patterns, including some that will pretty much knock you right out of bed. When you switch between settings, a very bright light flashes and/or changes colors, which to some might be nifty and to others might be really flippin’ annoying.

In other vibes with multiple functions, it can be hard to switch between settings because of poorly designed or placed buttons. Not so with the Berry Delight; although its buttons are tiny, they push with a satisfying click and a flamboyant display of lights that will leave no room for doubt that you have indeed managed to push the button.

I like the fact that the Berry Delight has a separate off switch. Other vibes have the off position as just another click amongst the functions, which means that when the phone rings (it’s your mother) while you are getting off, you have to cycle through all the settings before the vibe goes silent. That’s really no good, because God knows that if Mom has to wait more than three rings, she’s going to ask questions.

So you must be wondering how the Berry Delight felt. I’ll tell you, it felt darn good. This is one powerful little vibe, especially on the highest steady setting and on the escalating setting. If you are looking for power, this toy brings the power.

The little blue nubby things? Eh, those did not so much impress me. In fact I found the vibe downright annoying to remove once I was done. It poked me uncomfortably in places that I’d prefer not to have poked uncomfortably, thank you very much.

Let’s summarize, shall we? Good customer service, power, battery cradle, lights, off button and controller shape. Not so good durability and pointy blue nubs.

Am I the only one a little scared of the pointy blue nubs?

Berry Delight Vibe
Available at Babeland
2 1/2" x 1 1/4"