Glass Slimline

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 14 Nov 2007

glass slimline

I really like glass sex toys. Glass feels so sexily smooth to me. I love the temperature play that’s possible with glass, and I adore how easy it is to clean glass.

So you’d probably surmise that I loved the Glass Slimline from Babeland, right?

Unfortunately, not so much.

A tube of cobalt-blue shatter-proof glass houses the vibrating mechanism of this sleek sex toy. The battery pack/controller attaches to the toy’s base by way of a thin cord. All of this comes packaged in a thick protective pouch, which should be used religiously to protect the toy from damage.

The blue glass is really gorgeous, especially if you hold it up to the light. The glass also lets you see the works inside; seeing the innards of sex toys impresses me way more than it should.

One cool fall night, I got cozy in bed with the Glass Slimline and a bottle of lube. I cherished the hope of relieving the day’s stress with this pretty toy.

Much to my disappointment, the vibrations that pulsed through the Glass Slimline were very gentle. I was able to get the juices flowing by sliding the toy inside of me and around myclit , but it got me nowhere near to an orgasm. After a time of soft, teasing play, I had to switch to a more powerful toy as the Glass Slimline was beginning to annoy me.

If you are fond of super-powered sex toys that have the potential to get you off in seconds, the Glass Slimline is not going to do the trick. But if you like a soft tease, the Glass Slimline could by the toy for you.

Is $78.00 too much for a soft tease? Only you can decide.

Glass Slimline
Available at Babeland
7" x 1 1/4"
$130.00, on special for $78.00