Foot Long Case

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 20 Nov 2007

foot long

Every bleeding time I am called upon to travel with my sex toys (which is perhaps far more often than any respectable mother-type should be called upon to travel with her sex toys), I face the struggle over how to pack them.

Should I allow my toys to rattle about in the bottom of my suitcase? Smuggle them in my purse? Scrunch them into a pocket? Should I put slippery lubes in plastic baggies? Wrap glass toys in towels? Wedge condoms between vibrators?

It’s such a mystery.

I’m happy to report that a company called For Your Nymphomation has some possible solutions. They produce an extensive line of products ranging in size from just big enough to fit your condoms to large enough for your entire toy collection.

The kind folks at For Your Nymphomation sent me their Foot Long Case to try out. This case is, as its name implies, a svelte 12″ long. It’s about the shape of a narrow toiletries bag. Most products in FYN’s catalog are available in a multitude of lush colors; my case is a textured black material.

The Foot Long Case is a no-frills model. It has no pockets, no loops, no dividers, no hooks. Many other cases from FYN have all these niceties, but not the Foot Long.

Nevertheless, I was able to pack this sleek bag with two dildos, a vibe, a large container of lube, a washcloth and some condoms—and I still had room left over. This quantity of sexy stuff should last you through at least an overnight jaunt, wouldn’t you think?

The top of the Foot Long Case closes by means of a double zipper with (get this!) glow in the dark zipper pulls. How incredibly useful is that? If you’ve flung aside the case in the heat of passion only to find that you need another toy, you’ll not have to turn on the light to locate the case. Just look for the little glowing tabs. Neat.

The zipper can be secured with a small silvery lock and opened with one of the two included keys. Previously I’d tried another FYN case and was disappointed that the rings through which the lock pass were rather flimsy. For Your Nymphomation’s owner, Vera Worthington, assures me that this problem has been addressed, and I did find the rings on the Foot Long case to be a little sturdier. They will not stop a determined sex-toythief, but they will certainly buy you a measure of privacy from casual snoops.

I’m considering keeping my Foot Long Case packed and in my car as a sort of go-to bag for any traveling sex-toy emergencies I might encounter. Doesn’t everyone needs such a bag?

Foot Long Case
Available at For Your Nymphomation
12" x 2.5" x 4"
8 colors available
$26.00 (Brown Faux Leather on sale for $13.00)