3d Double Dichro from XXXGlass

reviewed by on Wed 5 Dec 2007


I adore glass sex toys. They feel so weighty and substantial in the hand. Glass brings to mind quality and luxury, especially glass that is as highly decorated as the 3D Double Dichro from XXX Glass.

“Dichro” in the toy’s name refers to the fact that XXX uses dichroic glass–twice, as a matter of fact–in the creation of this toy. See the sparkly ring right above the toy’s flange? And the other sparkly bloop below the head? That’s dichroic glass.

This type of glass is made from metallic oxides, which are heated and then deposited in incredibly thin layers onto pieces of glass. The colors in dichroic glass shift depending on the angle from which you look view the glass. It’s gorgeous stuff–you could while away an entire afternoon gazing into the depths of your new dildo to watch the shifting colors.

Not that I did that or anything. Me, mesmerized by a sex toy? Never!

The 3D Double Dichro dildo features a small, rounded head which contains glass swirls that look like underwater flowers. The head merges gently into the first dichro glass bloop. A straight shaft with a twisted glass ridge comes next and ends in another dichro glass bloop. All of this rests on a sturdy clear glass flange, which allows you to use the toy vaginally or anally if you so desire.

Because of this toy’s small, non-threatening size, it would work best for folks who would like to try out a glass toy for the first time, especially if plans include the use of this toy in the bottom. That’s how I tried the 3D Double Dichro on my friend. Glass is non-porous, so only a drop of any sort of lube should permit easy entry of this toy.

My friend liked the smooth feeling of the toy entering him, and I liked the fact that the toy’s flange allowed me excellent control of the toy. A good time was had by all and especially by me, because I got to watch as he enjoyed the toy in his bottom and my lips on his cock. Could there be anything better than that?

Glass cleans up easily; soap and water will suffice or you could use an antibacterial hand cleaner. Cover the 3D Double Dichro with a condom if you plan on sharing it between people or orifices. Glass is way sturdier than you might think. This is the same sort of glass used for lab equipment and baking dishes, so it can tolerate the roughness inherent in sex. However, you should inspect your toy very carefully if you drop it, as any chips or cracks would call for the immediate retirement of the toy.

XXX Glass ships these toys with protective corduroy storage pouches. Other companies rely on flimsy string to close their storage bags, but XXX Glass pouches have elastic sewn right into the top so that you’ll never have to worry about your toy making a run for it. A beautiful toy and a clever storage solution–nice job, XXX Glass!

3d Double Dichro from XXXGlass
Available from XXX Glass
7" x 1" with 1.40" diameter egg
approximately $140.00