My Buddy

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 14 Dec 2007

my buddy

Oh wow.

I love toys that make me say oh wow, and oh wow I’ve been saying it pretty much continuously since I dismounted My Buddy some half-hour ago.

Now I have to tell you that I was fully prepared to hate this toy, as I used to be not such a big fan of the Hitachi, and I’m definitely not a big fan of being on top during sex. But My Buddy has the right ju-ju so that after trying it out just once, I said oh wow–a lot.

My Buddy is a cushion designed to hold a wand-style toy (like a Hitachi Magic Wand) in position so that it can be ridden. When you take My Buddy out of the box, the first thing you must do is strip off the product’s stretchy cover and thread your wand vibrator through the foam. Read the directions before you attempt this; the foam is tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you have your own wand-style vibe you are good to go. If not, can set you up with one. They also carry attachments to make the head of the vibe more comfortable and effective, as well as a variable-speed controller that allows the vibe to be cranked up gradually.

I got to try My Buddy with a company-supplied vibe (a Hitachi knock-off) and the variable-speed controller. I found that the cords from the vibe and the controller gave me a fair bit of range, so I sat the toy close to my couch, stripped down and mounted up.

With the head of the wand positioned directly on my clit and the controller right next to my hand, I very slowly ramped up the vibrations. Oh wow did the vibe feel good under me. Pretty soon the controller was moot, because I had the toy on its highest possible setting and was riding My Buddy like it was the world’s most enjoyable mechanical bull.

My Buddy held the vibe firmly enough that no amount of grinding on my part knocked it out of place. The product’s firm foam supported my behind when I pressed down hard on the vibe, so it stayed comfortable the entire time. I really liked that I could lean back, sit upright or fall forward into the loving embrace of my couch—in any of those positions, My Buddy kept the vibe right where it needed to be. On my clit. Buzzing away. Oh wow.

If you are a gusher, you will definitely want to protect your vibe from the flow. Gravity, as it does, will make the gushing flow down into the toy if it’s not protected. I put a towel under the head of the wand to so as to catch any fluids. This worked fine for me, but if you are planning on sharing My Buddy (or the wand) you may want to take additional measures.

Cleaning My Buddy can be accomplished by hand or machine washing the cover, and then soaking the foam core in a gentle detergent. Excess water should be squeezed out, then the entire thing allowed to dry for 48 hours before you mount up once again.

Highly recommended for those who love to ride and those who love power. This thing is fuckin’ brilliant.

Oh wow.

My Buddy
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