reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 21 Dec 2007


I’ve tried vibes that looked like penises, vibes that looked like rounded-off cylinders and vibes that looked like pyramids. But never until now have I vibed myself with a sphere.

Yes folks, the Tuyo Vibe is spherical. It consists of a shiny, phthalate-free plastic top and bottom, with a belt of pretty silicone around the equator. One end of the toy houses a slightly recessed, moisture-resistant control button. The same end of the toy screws off to reveal the battery compartment, which is also moisture-resistant. The toy can sit upright on this end (ok, so it’s not a perfect sphere) because of the shape of the button.

Due to the seals necessary to keep water out of the Tuyo’s works, it’s a little tricky to get the toy apart and back together. The seam is so close to invisible that you may initially find yourself at a loss as to how the batteries go in, but the instruction book will set you straight. I {heart} sex toys that come with instruction books!

The Tuyo and its instructions come packaged in a silky fabric covered box. Inside, the toy rests on a bed of satiny material. It’s clear that lots of care has gone into the Tuyo’s design and packaging; the whole lot of it is absolutely stunning.

If you want to be knocked out of bed with super-strong vibrations, the Tuyo is not going to give you that. Tony Levine, president of Big Teaze toys, tells me that the motors used in future Tuyos will be beefed up, but the version given to me for review produced a buzz that I’d rate as only moderate.

The Tuyo felt wonderful for all-over massage. I really liked the shape on my shoulders and arms; it felt heavenly on the nipples. Between the legs, the vibe was a fun, comfortable and unique tease. It produced in me a very gentle orgasm once I stopped foolin’ around and got down to business.

The single control button cycles the toy through three levels of increasingly intense vibrations and five other teasing patterns. The toy’s silicone belt allows you to grasp the toy easily while the plastic body slides over your body; it will slide especially well if your body is coated in massage oil or lube.

Clean up is pretty easy with this toy. Because it’s constructed so well, moisture has no place to hide. Clean it off with a damp washcloth or an anti-bacterial wipe and you’re all set. If you plan on sharing the Tuyo, you could probably maneuver it into a condom. If you try this, please take video. That I would love to see.

I adore the discreet nature of the Tuyo. It could easily pass as a high-end lotion or cosmetics container if it’s out on your dresser; the only tell would be a small silver label informing you that it was made by Big Teaze Toys.

Now really, every vibe does not have to be super-strong. Some might even find a super-strong vibe unpleasant. The Tuyo would be perfect for folks like those.

Available at Babeland
3" in diameter