Lelo Luna Balls

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 26 Dec 2007

luna balls

An object in motion remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force. This is the the definition of inertia, and it’s also what makes Lelo’s Pleasure Bead System feel so darn nice.

The idea behind the Pleasure Bead System (or of any vaginal balls, for that matter) is quite simple. A heavy ball sits inside of a larger, hollow ball; as you move around with the balls inside the vagina, the heavy ball keeps on moving (there’s the inertia) when you stop or change direction. This makes the heavy ball knock up against the outer ball—and by extension, against the walls of the vagina.

And it feels really really good.

Not only does it feel good, but it’s also good for you. The pelvic muscles must work to keep the balls inside. As you walk, run errands, swim, dance, bake cookies, or anything else, the muscles contract repeatedly. This should over time give greater control over vaginal tightness.

This toy is presented in Lelo’s inimitable style: a rich black box holds a silicone girdle, two sets of interchangeable balls, instructions and a black carrying bag. The pink balls are lighter while the blue balls are heavier. This is one toy that really needs the included instructions.

Unlike less expensive vaginal balls, the Lelo Pleasure Bead System has a lot of options for use. Someone who has recently delivered a child vaginally or who is otherwise concerned about vaginal tone can use only a single pink ball in the silicone girdle. As strength increases, an additional pink or blue ball can be added. Eventually both blue balls can be used for the most challenging vaginal workout.

I found it quite easy to exchange the balls in the silicone girdle. They click satisfyingly into place yet pop out easily when you are done. The retrieval string is a nice (though not necessary) touch. It is securely molded into the body of the ball, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking.

However, there’s really no danger of the balls going astray even without the cord. They will not get lost in the vagina, trust me. If for some reason the cord cannot be reached, just push gently with your pelvic muscles (they’re strong now from all the exercise) and they’ll come right out.

I hope it goes without saying that these beads are ONLY for vaginal use, right? Good.

A trip to the grocery store was on my evening’s agenda, so I decided to spice things up by wearing the beads. I found them quite easy to insert with just a dab of lube on the leading bead. The instructions suggest that you lie down for easier insertion, but I assumed my traditional putting-in-a-tampon stance of one foot up on the edge of the tub. This worked just fine for me.

I’d noticed earlier that I could hear the inner ball bouncing against the outer ball when I shook them hard in my hands. I was curious to see if I could hear the same thing with the balls inside. I could hear a very faint thumping (and it felt awesome!) but I seriously doubt that anyone else would wonder what was that strange noise coming from my pants.

The drive to the grocery store was fuckin’ wonderful. I loved braking because (inertia alert!) the balls knocked against the front wall of my vagina, right against my g-spot. I sought out the route with the most stop signs to take advantage of this phenomena. Turning corners was also fun.

As tempting as it was to drive around all night with a happy clanking in my pants, eventually I did arrive at the store. Walking was also entertaining. I enjoyed the secret thrill of g-spot stimulation out in public.

Later, as I sat at my desk writing, I practiced Kegels with the beads in place. These were considerably more challenging with the extra pressure of the beads. When finally I took them out, I found myself pleasantly slippery and ready for a good hard fucking.

The Pleasure Bead System comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Nice job, Lelo. Yet another classy product designed for maximum pleasure.

Lelo Luna Balls
Available at Black Label Adult Toys
1 3/8" in diameter
Approximately $59.89