Jollie’s Rider

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 9 Jan 2008


I have a terrible and haunting secret, which at last in the interests of your pleasure I feel able to share.

During masturbation or oral sex, it’s hard for me to come without something filling up my pussy. I know, I know. I’m a greedy greedy girl to be unfulfilled by only clitoral stimulation. Truth be told, I’d be even happier if not only was my pussy filled up, but also if my ass, mouth, ears and bellybutton were filled up.

What? I need a lot of sensation!

The problem in the past has been that just about anything I’d put in my vagina during masturbation or oral sex would either get in the way of the rest of the stimulation or else it would come out of me at an inopportune moment, propelled by mighty orgasmic muscle contractions. This was, to say the least, disappointing.

The CEO of Jollie’s Pleasure Toys , Luze, recently let me in on one of her little secrets. Her company had developed a toy meant to address this very issue. She promised to dispatch one to my house with all reasonable haste.

Molded from 100% medical grade silicone, Rider features a cock-head shaped front end and a pronounced bump along its shaft. A three-speed waterproof bullet lives in the base of the toy, while two molded holes on the toy’s side allow your fingers to grip it securely.

Giddy with anticipation, I lubed up Rider and nudged it home. You will without a doubt need to use lube on this toy. At 1.75″ across at its widest point, the Jollie takes some coercion to get in place. I was really pleased with how firmly Rider seemed to be situated inside of me. I pushed out gently with my pelvic muscles and the toy did not budge.

The toy’s waterproof bullet was a little tricky to operate. I found that if I turned the bullet on before inserting Rider, I’d end up cycling through all the speeds, because the control button is really the only place to push on the toy. If I left the toy off before inserting Rider, my poor labia were in danger of being pinched when I tried to turn it on, because the toy does sit completely inside the vagina.

Eh, whatever. This little difficulty was nothing, nothing I tell you, in comparison to Rider’s pleasures. I had no partner available to provide oral (alas!), so I applied my favorite vibe to my clit. This is a vibe that has the power to make me very very happy, but with the Rider in place…wow. The pressure and fullness it provided were the perfect accompaniment the the vibration on my clit.

I could feel my body squeezing down hard on the toy as I came. Eventually I paused to take a break. I felt around under my behind because I felt certain that Rider must have been ejected by that point. I felt around…and I didn’t find the toy. Had I shot it across the bed, I wondered? There was simply no way it had stayed put through all that!

And yet when I checked, Rider was still inside me. It stayed inside me throughout a long session of coming, and in fact to get it out I eventually had to push out against it as if I were giving birth to a sparkly pink buzzing creature.

Jollie’s product description of the Rider says that it can be worn while doing everyday activities. The noise level of the bullet is certainly low enough to be unnoticeable, but I would be concerned that sitting while wearing the toy would turn it off and on again frustratingly.

I had a blast with the Rider. What an ingenious product, Jollies. I look forward with much anticipation for your next great idea.

Jollie’s Rider
Available at Jollies Pleasure Toys
Colors: Grape and Pink Pearl
Length: 4.5"
Diameter: 1.75"