Jollie’s Jollet

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 23 Jan 2008

Jollie's Jollet

Jollet, the newest product designed by Jollies Pleasure Toys, is a silicone dildo designed to work with the shape of the vaginal passage. The toy’s head is meant to slide below the cervix while a sizable bump on the shaft puts pressure on the g-spot.

The shaft of the toy is slippery-smooth silicone, making insertion quite easy with just a bit of water-based lube. Two small bumps on the shaft offer additional stimulation to the clitoris.

The toy’s base is vaguely flower-shaped, allowing the toy to stand upright. Its texture is very slightly matte so that the toy can be gripped more firmly.

The base also features a hole into which you can insert an bullet vibe, if you happen to have one handy. The bullet is NOT included with the toy, and the hole felt too deep for a standard bullet to be placed without risk of losing it forever. Also, I’m not sure a bullet would do much good in the center of the toy, far from where it is designed to rub up against the clit.

I absolutely love silicone toys because of how firm they feel and how easy they are to clean. This toy is no exception; the material is very firm and the outside of the toy presents no cleaning challenges. Even the hole in the toy’s base wouldn’t be difficult to clean, should lube manage to get there. Jollet can simply be run through the dishwasher or boiled to sterilize.

I test-drove the Jollet with the help of a good friend, who slathered both the toy and me with lube before nudging it into my vagina. The toy’s shaft is quite girthy. Because it’s not a straight shaft, its looks are a bit deceiving, but let me assure you that the shaft is very filling.

We first attempted to leave the toy in place while my friend went down on me. I was thinking of the Jollie (also reviewed on this site), which can be wedged into place for hands-free fun. Unfortunately, my friend and I could not get the Jollet to stay put. It kept slipping loose from the grasp of my vagina, alas. Did we use too much lube? Have I been doing too many Kegels? Or too few? I don’t know.

So my friend tried fucking me with the Jollet. This was more fun. The bump did indeed rub nicely against my g-spot, and I came with a big gush. One orgasm usually is just the start of the fun for me; however, the firmness of the Jollet actually made me a little sore when we used it for thrusting. I had to have my friend stop. I couldn’t take any more stimulation from the toy.

If you are a fan of large, very firm toys, you’ll probably appreciate the qualities the Jollet brings to your sexual fun. But if you like your toys on the petite or soft end of the spectrum, give the Jollet a pass.

Jollie’s Jollet
Available at Jollies Pleasure Toys
Length: 7.25"
Insertable Length: 6"
Circumference: 5.75"
Diameter: 1.75"