Sliquid Sizzle Warming Formula Lube

reviewed by on Sat 2 Feb 2008

I’m a big fan of lube in general and the Sliquid line of lubes specifically. Each offering from Sliquid is high-quality and reasonably priced. It’s really then just a matter of finding one that meets your needs the best.

Sliquid Sizzle Warming Formula available at Babeland is packaged, as are the other Sliquids, in a flip-top bottle that makes dispensing very easy. I like having the ability to pour lube out liberally when the occasion warrants—during fisting, for example, or in the midst of a vigorous session of butt-luv. While they’re not the classiest lube bottles you’ll ever see, they certainly make generous application possible. I’ve also carried Sliquid Lubes through several counties and in fact across state lines in my luggage and I’ve never had an issue with spillage.

Some “warming” formulas will pretty much light your naughty bits on fire. I’ve seen grown men reduced to tears (I am not making this up) because of the application of warming lube during a hand-job (I didn’t do it! Really!).

Sliquid Sizzle is unlikely to cause such a reaction, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea to test out the lube on your own before slathering it all over yourself and your partner and thrusting away. Both my male testing partner and I found the lube to give a pleasant tingle but absolutely no pain. In fact, I found the lube’s sensation to be almost cooling. It was quite pleasant, although it’s not something I’d want every day.

The taste of the lube wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t as pleasant as the taste of the flavored Sliquid varieties. The menthol used to produce the warming sensation doesn’t fare so well on the tongue. I’d recommend washing the lube off the coochie or the willy before diving into oral sex.

As it’s a water-based lube, it rinses away quite easily and can be used with all types of toys. I had no issues with staining from this product, and if you let it dry on the skin, you’ll be left with only a slight degree of stickiness.

If you like an extra tingle along with slipperiness during sex, Sliquid Sizzle is a great choice.

Sliquid Sizzle Warming Formula Lube
Available at Babeland
4 ounces