Vergenza Mk. 1

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 4 Feb 2008

Because I have a generous, pleasure-sharing nature (er…most days), I like to be able to allow my friends to use my sex toys. Alternatively, I like to use my sex toys on my friends. I find this to be a far superior a bonding activity to, say, Girls Night Out.

Sharing sex toys is safest if you can sterilize toys between partners; this is one of the many reasons why I’m partial to toys made of silicone, glass or metal.

Vergenza’s brand spankin’ new Mk. 1 is made of gorgeous solid aluminum, so you’ll never have to give a second thought to cleanliness. Boil it, wash it in hot soapy water or spray it off with a toy cleaner and then share away.

Weighing it at a svelte 11 ounces, the Mk. 1 is lighter that similar toys made of stainless steel, which may make it more attractive to folks looking for a metal toy that won’t be quite so hard on the arm muscles.

I love double-ended sex toys, and the Mk. 1 fits that qualification perfectly. The toy’s longer end features six gentle bloops, while the other end tapers into a mild teardrop shape. The center of the toy widens enough to allow for safe anal play; again, either end works well in the bottom.

Vergenza’s packaging for this product is simply outstanding. Wrapped in a soft brown storage pouch, the Mk. 1 ships in a silvery mailing tube marked with Vergenza’s classy label. This is the first sex toy I’ve seen packaged this way, and I found it to be both unique and functional. I mean really, who would think to snoop for a sex toy in a mailing tube?

As far as function goes, this toy rocks. A friend used it in me while another friend (Yes, I had two friends with me. Got a problem with that?) used a vibe on my clit. The Mk. 1 had been sitting in my January-cold car for a few hours before our play date started. Initially I was stunned by the chilly metal against my skin, but aluminum warms quickly to the temperature of hot pussy. Rest easy that if you use this toy, you won’t be chilly for long.

The man using it on me reported later that by the time we were done, the Mk. 1 had warmed up enough that it was nearly burning his hand. The very idea of that gets me hot all over again.

I really liked the bloopy end in my vagina. While the toy is not particularly girthy (it’s but 1.25″ wide), the solid aluminum allowed my friend to get excellent leverage onto my g-spot. I came like a house a’fire as he fucked me, and I enjoyed it very much indeed.

When we were done and my body was returning to this mortal plain, I noticed that I was just the tiniest bit sore. We were going pretty hard there for a while, so I assume that the flange meant to prevent the toy from creeping too far into the ass had slightly banged me up. No biggie, I thought. I’ll just try to go a little more gentle next time.

Ha, that’s funny. No, next time I’ll just be prepared for a little lingering reminder of how much fun the Mk 1. gave me.

Highly recommended for those who like super-firm, high-end and very beautiful sex toys.

Vergenza Mk. 1
Available at Vergenza
8" long x 1.25" wide
Solid Aluminum, 11 oz.
$140 (suggested retail)