Wahl Spot Tip Attachment

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 8 Feb 2008

If you have the Wahl 7-in-1 from Babeland, you must get this attachment. I mean it now.

The seven attachments that come with the Wahl are lovely, but really, they are meant to be used for actual body massage, and I mean the kind of “body massage” where you rub your shoulders, not the kind of “body massage” that’s a euphemism for masturbation. Because those attachments weren’t designed for use on the genitals, they can be a little hard.

The Wahl Spot Tip Attachment was devised by some enterprising soul intent on providing a more cushy surface for rubbing up against your clit. It’s made of smooth blue vinyl and fits tightly over the attachment post on the Wahl.

When you first turn on the Wahl with this new tip in place, you’ll notice that it rattles alarmingly on high speed. Rest assured that once the Spot Tip is pressed against your clit, the rattling will disappear almost completely.

I would be seriously concerned about my ability to do anything other than masturbate if the Spot Tip worked any better than it does. It’s ever so much softer than any of the Wahl’s included tips. I was temped to throw away the original tips after testing the Spot Tip the first time, but good sense prevented me from doing so. However, I did stick them deep in the back of my closet. I won’t be using them again any time soon.

Wash the Spot Tip after use with soap and water. I’ve used mine with a water-based lube, which increases the pleasure exponentially.

I will repeat myself. If you have the Wahl, you need this attachment.

Wahl Spot Tip Attachment
Available at Babeland
1-1/2" x 3/4"